Whether you are completely remodeling of your home or just a touching up of a specific room you will have to decide how to decorate from the myriad of options out there. Do you go bold? Do you work with more subtle tones? We, at Mission Painting and Home Improvement, want to provide you with 3 simple tips to help your project along and hopefully help make some of the decisions a bit less stressful.


1.       Start Out Neutral – Choosing a neutral paint color scheme, either for an understated look or a foundation for a bolder look, is a great place to start. By beginning neutral you allow yourself to continue into something much bolder or if you find yourself stuck a neutral color can stand alone with a variety of schemes and elements of a room.  Visit Farrow and Ball by clicking HERE to check out their 6 neutral groups.

Red Based Neutrals

2.       Don’t Forget What You Are Working With – Thinking of a room as a whole is very important. The color is just the beginning. Woodwork, floors, ceilings, and doors all play a role in the story a room will tell. Even though the walls may be the lead character in the story, if you forget the other characters you will not like the end story.

3.       Set The Mood With The Right Color – Whether you are looking for a warm and inviting ambience or an exciting and vibrant room selecting the right color is very important. The experts at Mission Painting and Home Improvement want to help you find the right color. You can click HERE to check out other colors Farrow and Ball offer.


As always, the experts here at Mission Painting and Home Improvement are here to assist with all your residential painting and remodeling needs including picking the right color scheme to make your remodel and redecoration a success.


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