When was the last time you painted your home in Overland Park? Although experts say painting every 5-10 years is a good rule of thumb, you should be aware of the signs that you need to paint sooner.

If you bought a home and you’re not sure of the last time the house saw new paint, these signs are even more important to notice. You can both protect and update your home with a new coat of paint!

Here are the top four signs it’s time to consider home painting Overland Park.


  1. Fading Paint

Faded paint, whether on the interior or exterior of your home, is a sign you might want to consider home painting. Remember that darker colors always fade faster, so you may need to update the color more often on your home’s exterior if you have a shade such as this.

Sunlight can even cause paint color to change, making blues look gray and tans look pink. You want to ensure that the paint you choose is high quality to minimize chances of an unexpected color change. Sunlight can bleach paint colors on the interior or exterior, making them look outdated and worn. A fresh coat of paint will fix fading paint right up!


  1. Cracking or Bubbling Paint 

If you notice the paint on your interior or exterior is doing any of the following things, it’s time to start looking for a house painting company Overland Park:

  • Cracking
  • Bubbling
  • Flaking
  • Peeling

These are all signs that could point to moisture problems such as rot or mold. Harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight and extreme humidity can further damage paint. If these conditions are prominent in your home, you may need to paint sooner than the 5-10 year mark. If you see any mold or water stains, these should be evaluated by a good painting contractor.


  1. If You’re Trying to Sell Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your home or plan to sell your home, painting is a huge asset. Painting your home helps boost curb appeal with fresh exterior paint and helps your home stand out from others that might have old, faded, or outdated paint colors.

New paint gives a sense of care and freshness that you can’t get with an old coat of paint. Hiring house painters Overland Park is one of the best investments you can make when trying to sell your home. 


  1. If the Paint Looks Dirty

Did you know that paint actually absorbs pollution over the years? This can lead to walls looking dingy or dirty despite the paint coat itself being in decent condition. This dirt and debris can get so absorbed into the wall that it doesn’t wash out.

Fortunately, a home painter can fix this. When you work with house painting contractors Overland Park, you can easily update your home and get rid of dirty walls. Even the most attractive colors can appear dingy with age. Updating is easy, cost-efficient, and can make your home beautiful again.

When you’re working with a home painting company, you can not only update your home and get it ready to sell or enjoy for many more years, but fix underlying issues. Look for signs that your paint is telling you something is wrong. The best house painters Overland Park can fix your peeling or cracked paint and help you figure out the source of the problem.

What did you notice when it was time to paint your home? What new colors did you choose? Let us know!

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