Over two centuries ago, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours was published as the ultimate guide to the classification of colors in nature. Werner’s Nomenclature has been used by artists, scientists, museums, and now paint companies to capture the depth of colors found in nature.

Farrow and Ball have released their Colour by Nature collection, created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London, that will let you experience a little bit of nature while entertaining in your living room, relaxing in your bedroom, or creating in your kitchen.

A few of our favorites are Skimmed Milk White, Imperial Purple, and Sap Green. 

Skimmed Milk White, modeled after the opal and described as “mid-tone off white with extraordinary softness,” would work incredibly well as an accent trim color or even as the main wall color in a smaller room.

Imperial Purple, modeled after a saffron plant, can be used to bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to a dining room or study. It also provides depth when used in smaller, more accenting, spaces.

Sap Green, taken from the underside of a butterfly wing, creates a calm and inviting room, perfect for a living room or dining room.

Click here to check out Farrow & Ball’s 16 new colors.

Whatever color you select can bring the true colors of nature inside.

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