On Tuesday of last week, we sent out an exciting email newsletter. If you’re not signed up for our monthly newsletter, this link will take you to a brief entry form. Our Mission Painting newsletter offers an exclusive look at seasonal discounts and updates for all our amazing customers. This last email newsletter included an exciting discount for July: receive 20% off your holiday lighting package if you book an estimate by July 31st! Let this be the year you have someone else take over a tedious holiday task.

When October rolls around – it’ll be here quick! – think about what your home will look like. Ridden with leaves? Dark and dreary? If there is ever a year to do your holiday lighting right, it is 2020. This year has been wrought with more surprises than anyone knows what to do with. Our hope is that you would experience joy in this upcoming season – even in uncertain circumstances.

The Meaning Behind the Lights

As COVID continues to surge across our country, many aren’t looking forward to the fall and winter months. That’s unfortunate, as it’s the most wonderful time of year! Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we want your home to reflect the joy inside those walls.

This virus is a ghost. And we strongly recommend taking precautions to avoid its growth. But we know joy spreads quicker than any virus. Lighting your home and neighborhood is an opportunity to lift spirits in Kansas City. We’re excited to make this happen through our quality lighting packages – take advantage of this July discount and mark it off your winter “to-do” list! You will experience a deeply personal joy once you have this task off your plate.

New Mission Painting Site

Another big update: last week, we launched our NEW Mission Painting website! Our old site got us where we needed to go in the first few years of business, but this site takes our service, mission, and meaning to a whole new level. The homepage contains the language we speak and services we offer. Check out the Core Values that drive our team, and easily schedule an estimate if you’re ready for a new paint job.

As we look ahead to winter, let’s not forget the present. It’s still our busy season for a reason. The weather is hot and prime for new home paint jobs. Please let us know how we can serve you and/or your business. A fresh coat of paint is invigorating and refreshing. But, most importantly, it spreads that joy our world needs right now. Give your neighborhood some color to talk about – we’ll help you get there for all to see.

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