At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we not only strive for you to have a hassle-free home improvement experience, but we also want the end-product to be all you envisioned and potentially even better.

One area where people often accept “less than ideal” is in the finishing of their walls, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you. You can have a fantastic finish and we can help.

The Gypsum Association, a group made up of many of the most well know gypsum board manufacturers and retailers in North America, sent out a publication outlining the different levels of finish for drywall, which is known as GA-214-10. If you would like to read about the 5 levels of finishes for drywall check out GA-214-10 pdf here.

This publication also refers to products that are suitable substitutions for skim coating that have been developed by gypsum manufacturers in recent years.  To qualify as a level 5 finish these products must be applied by following the manufacturers’ recommendations.

What is a level 5 finish and how is it achieved?

A level 5 finish is the smoothest of smooth finishes. It is a finish that can stand up against the most stringent examination in all types of light and regardless of paint type.  If your using a high gloss paint a level five finish is highly recommended.

A level 5 finish is achieved by going above and beyond the normal Tape, Mud, Sand procedures by adding a skim coat of mud over the entire field of wall, not just over the seams. The Skim coat will be lightly sanded and thoroughly checked for any imperfection left behind.  No matter how skilled a tradesman is, using a skim coat will eliminate the difference in textures between drywall paper and the areas where mud was applied. For instructions on how to roll skim drywall check out this article.

Is it time to repaint your walls? Are you ready for the perfect Level 5 finish? The experts at Mission Painting and Home Improvement are here to assist you in all finishing and painting needs.

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