There is an old saying that you only have one chance to make a first impression. This is incredibly true in the business world. Potential customers will make many decisions based on the impression they get when we walk through their door.

Turning up the “wow” factor can be expensive and stressful but it doesn’t have to be. At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we want to share with you what you can expect from what is often a large element in your first impression, a clean and professional coat of paint.

There are a couple questions you need to answer to determine how much you can expect to pay.

How much paint will you need?

When determining how much paint you will need it begins with knowing the correct square footage. This is done by determining how much wall square footage there is, not how much floor space. You do this by figuring the square footage of each wall and then adding them together. For example, if you have a room that is 12×12 with 9 foot ceilings the square footage is 432 square feet.

Most paint will cover roughly 250-400 square feet of wall space but staying on the lower end of that is smart. Also remember that you will need to at least double based upon the number of coats of paint you will need.

A great online tool is Sherwin-Williams’ paint calculator. This will help you evaluate the amount of paint you will need.

How much will I have to pay for labor?

Costs of labor can vary but you can expect a professional commercial painting contractor to charge between $50-$80 per hour. Most painters should be able to cover about 100 square feet an hour. So, if you divide 432 square feet by 100 you get 4.32 hours. Note: this does not include preparation such as drywall repair or covering floors etc.

A painter uses a brush to cut in clean paint lines along all the edges of the room, windows, and doors. Then roll the walls two separate times with a paint roller. In some instances, a sprayer can be used.

All things considered you should expect labor costs to be about $.50-$.80 a square foot.

Other things you will need to consider in the total cost of a paint job.

Extra masking

Major prep work

Cost of paint which will vary between paint manufactures


The professionals at Mission Painting and Home Improvements are ready to get you a much more exact estimate of the painting cost for your business. Click HERE to schedule an estimate.

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