SPRING is almost here! After the long winter, a good question to ask is: “Is it the right time to freshen up or overhaul the exterior of my home or business?” Here are 3 things that may help with that decision.


Has Winter taken its toll and is it time to do some repairs? The load of snow, ice, and cold can lead to problems. Prolonged exposure to the seasonal swings and different kinds of weather can lead to anything from peeling and blistering to wood rot and mildew. The professionals at Mission Painting and Home Improvements will ensure that the job is done the right way and with the best materials to ensure that your siding is secure and ready to stand up against whatever Mother Nature throws at your home.


Have you decided to put your home on the market? Spring is the best time to put your home on the market and a fresh paint job accomplishes two big things. It immediately adds the pop to your curb appeal that will grab the attention of buyers. Secondly, it will bring up your property value. A crisp, professionally done paint job will help make your home look brand new and give buyers the added comfort of knowing they have one less large upgrade they will be doing.

Is it simply time for something new? Let’s be honest, sometimes we just need a change. One of the boldest changes we can make is switching up the color of our home. Spring is the perfect time for the change.


Whatever the reason for a fresh coat of paint, the experts at Mission Painting and Home Improvements are ready to provide a hassle-free painting experience from the selection of color through project clean-up. Contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you.

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