Whether you are in a starter home, an apartment, or an older home chances are you have a room or two that you think are just too small to do anything with. We want you to know that regardless of room size there are a few tricks that can make a smaller room seem much more spacious and inviting.

Lighting can do amazing things. Many rooms feel small due to inadequate lighting. Darkness hides the space that exists in each room. Don’t block off windows with dark curtains. Instead look to sheer options that still provide some covering and privacy but also don’t block light. Frame furniture and windows with room appropriate lighting fixtures. The more light in a room the more spacious it will feel and the more likely you will be to use any room to its fullest potential.


Color is powerful in many ways. The color of your walls, your ceiling, and your floors will cause a room to either feel bright and airy or feel heavy and closed off. Try neutral, light shades on your walls or mix in a splash of bright color to provide some contrast but also lift the spirits of the people in the room. If you have darker color floors a large light-colored area rug will go a long way to making your room warm and inviting without causing it to feel cramped.

Clear the clutter. Most of us are not organizational pros but we can all clear a bit of the clutter in our home to give it a more open feeling. Remove furniture that isn’t functional, toys that are scattered, maybe consider downsizing your entertainment center or mounting your TV on the wall and getting rid of one piece of furniture all together. Making a few small changes will give you room a fresh look and allow you to truly discover the usefulness of the space you have.


There are plenty of other things you can do to create a more spacious feeling environment such as deep cleaning, using wall mounted shelves for pictures and books, rearrange the furniture, or place some mirrors on the walls.


There are a multitude of things that can be done, without much effort on your part to expand the usefulness, the spacial feeling, and the warmth of a room without having to knock down walls to expand.


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