For most painting companies, “busy season” hits its peak in the summer months. After reflecting on this wild (yet still busy) past few months, we want to let you all in on some time-management tips for getting stuff done. For us, it’s painting. For you, getting stuff done might mean grocery shopping, balancing the books, or playing taxi for your children in youth sports. Regardless, we could all use a little time management help.

Here are three tips from our Mission Painting team on eliminating distraction so that you can run the race before you, and do your best work!

Time Management for Mission Painting

At Mission Painting, it’d be easy to name external factors that distract our team from doing quality work: paint on backorder, lack of customer response, or even inclement weather. Ultimately, those are distractions we can’t control. It’s the internal distractions we aim to eliminate: unclear pricing, lofty expectations, sloppy work, and re-visiting customer homes to clean up a mess are all distractions we can control.

Therefore, precise estimating, effective two-way communication, professional painting and cleanliness on the job are how we tackle distraction on a day-to-day basis.

Time Management for All of Us

We highly recommend timeboxing. Keeping and maintaining a calendar is hard work, but imperative when we live in an age of distraction. Timeboxing, at its best, is your way to gain the opposite of distraction: traction. It starts the week prior—on a Friday or Saturday—when you make time to plan out the following week (to the best of your ability).

The method is called timeboxing. You simply block out each hour of your workday in an effort to take back control of your time. If you meet with someone and don’t have a set schedule, hour-long meetings might stretch to an hour-and-a-half. Time is the most important asset we possess, and you can’t let people (yourself included!) steal it from you. Timeboxing helps you in the process.


The problem with New Year Resolutions is the lack of follow-up. You need to set time, quarterly (at a minimum), to follow up on your goals, hobbies, interests, and self-care. When you have these regular “checkpoints” and someone to hold you accountable, it makes it easier to follow through on things that bring you joy amid a wild calendar year. “Busy”ness doesn’t have to be a way of life. Besides, business is best with a healthy mindset to approach and accomplish your work.

When you take a few key principles into account, you will retake control of your time. How nice does that sound? Time management and a more beautiful home is closer than you might think.

Schedule An Estimate // Support a Nonprofit

With that being said, know that anytime you enlist Mission Painting’s services, you are supporting an awesome, global nonprofit! It all starts with scheduling an estimate with our team. Curious about cost? We would love to schedule an estimate for your home today. In just a couple clicks, let’s get it on the calendar! At Mission Painting, we lead with relationship. To start a conversation is just the beginning to a lifelong reality: you now have a go-to painter on your side.

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