Through our work with C12 Christian Business Group, we talk about a special role for anyone in a position of organizational leadership: the Chief Repeating Officer (CRO). The idea is that things driving your mission, vision, and values should be repeated. Often. There is a saying we have at Mission Painting that is worth repeating for everyone from CEO to our amazing paint crews. The saying is “No runs. No drips. No errors.”

Nothing revolutionary, right? If you need an example of what those words mean to us, what comes to mind when we say, “Bags fly free”? If you’ve ever watched TV or surfed the world wide web, you might recognize that promise from Southwest Airlines. Although the statement is true—that your first two carry on items are free—the meaning behind the promise is what makes Southwest great. Let us explain how we view “No Runs. No Drips. No Errors.” in a similar light.

No Runs. No Drips.

These two have to do with our core vision: professional painting, personalized service. If we leave your home with runny paint or drips across your floor or outdoor furniture, we are not living up to our vision for Mission Painting.

When you schedule an estimate with us, and hire our team for your painting needs, you shouldn’t have to spend a second more worrying about if the job is going to get done. Not only will we follow through with your painting needs, we will go the extra mile to ensure your home is a better place than when we found it.

No Errors.

If you’ve perused our homepage, you’ve likely seen our 5-Year Warranty. As previously stated, we want your utmost peace of mind the second we roll up to your property. But throughout the months and years, we understand cracks and chips occur.

The worst thing we could do, on the job or months after the fact, is disregard an error and say “Not our problem anymore.” What a lonely feeling as a customer! Rest assured we will work relentlessly to deliver an error-free result. If you feel like we’ve left your walls with anything less than the best, we will make it right.

Your Home. Our Promise.

This is our underlying “why” at Mission Painting. Your home is a sacred space, and we will treat it that way. Your home is where your family and friends gather—it’s our honor to serve you. If you’re considering a painting company to go into your home and leave after a job well done, know that we’re not gone forever.

We’re still in the neighborhood. Making Kansas City a better place to live.

Schedule An Estimate Today

Our Mission Painting promise all starts with scheduling an estimate with our team. Curious about cost? We would love to schedule an estimate for your home today. In just a couple clicks, let’s get it on the calendar! At Mission Painting, we lead with relationship. To start a conversation is just the beginning to a lifelong reality: you now have a go-to painter on your side.

PS—Have you filled out a nonprofit in concordance with our Life 88.5 campaign? Learn more in our recent blog post, and nominate a nonprofit you believe in today! UPDATE: See who won our contest on the blog!

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