In our last blog post, we discussed how painting is the number one at-home task for summer. The outdoor temperature is optimal for painting and your neighborhood will thank you for a new summer shade! But there is one tip we have for any interior painting job. Whether you are just touching up some corners in a room or painting every wall, don’t miss this crucial step at the end of your painting process.

And whether or not your family is the DIY type, painting at its best is left to professionals – that’s where we come in! Schedule an estimate today and learn how we can take your home this summer from standard to stunning.

An Emphasis on Safety

At Mission Painting, we take every precaution when it comes to keeping your family safe. For instance, anytime we use an oil-based paint, we recommend the homeowner and family stay out of the house for at least a week. As for the small but can’t-miss detail inside your home…

We always recommend the homeowner replace the HVAC filter after an interior painting job. Especially if any family member struggles with asthma or allergies (or has pets!), the aftermath of a paint job is one more thing that requires a clean air filtration system. We find that many are way overdue for a filter change anyways, which you need when it comes to summer and keeping everyone cool and out of the heat.

Changing your air filter after a paint job will increase air flow throughout your home. With the July and August heat around the corner, it’s a good idea to make this change happen sooner than later. Air conditioning is a must in the dog days of summer.

Summer Color Dreamin’

Now that we’ve touched on the pragmatic, let’s dream a little.

Which colors are you dreaming of this summer? Obviously you need to think about the fall and winter too, but if there are areas of your home that feel outdated or drab . . . let this season provide inspiration for a brighter tomorrow. Our friends at Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have provided two great lists for choosing summer colors. Which colors stick out to you?

If you have any questions about which color would look great in your home, please schedule an estimate today! We would love to provide our color consultation service – free of charge. Don’t wait another day for clean air and fresh color . . . your family will thank you for both.

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