In a season our country should have been out and about, smelling the flowers and strolling through parks . . . March through May of the year 2020 was anything but a regular spring. Because it’s still probably “too soon” we won’t dive into all the ways COVID-19 changed our world. You already know—and unfortunately, the ramifications are unfolding in front of our eyes.

For Mission Painting, those months are normally when we gear up for painting in a busy season. Instead, we decided to halt operations due to the national lockdown. Although we were as uncertain about the future as any business, one thing was for sure: our world was desperate for some color.

More Than House Painting

To our surprise, our normally busy season was about to get busier. As the summer progressed and lockdowns were lifted, it appeared as if families (holed up in their homes) were tired of looking at the same old paint colors.

They came calling in waves.

Many exterior paint projects and eventually the interior painting projects followed. After we resumed operations, we took every precaution to ensure safety among our clientele. We were often thanked for the level of precaution, but it just goes to show, even until today, that we all have a part to play in getting back to some semblance of normal.

Along the way, our internal team finalized a new Mission Painting website, continued to donate proceeds to Forgotten Children Worldwide, and tried to exemplify our core values everywhere we went. What happens when a painting company executes internally?

Creating Better Neighborhoods

External success, for Mission Painting, looks like this: professional painting and personalized service. When we execute on those two services, we believe the Kansas City Metro wins. When we leave every home and property better than when we found it, it means there are more satisfied homes and families with a certified painter in their corner.

The end goal is better neighborhoods. Something we say at Mission Painting is “a quality paint job is how we love your neighbor.” The phrase is two-fold. For one, your neighbor is the one who has to look at your house everyday. You might as well give them a quality paint job and color to admire!

The second part of the phrase is what it means to love your neighbor. From our core values, as we are driven by faith, here is what that principle means to us.

To Kansas City and Beyond

“Loving our neighbor” is the heart of our year-end review—a reminder of what Mission Painting has stood for over these tumultuous ten months, and what we will continue to fight for in the years ahead.

Vulnerable women and children who are caught in the throws of human trafficking.

If you didn’t see that one coming, we alluded earlier to our work with Forgotten Children Worldwide—you can learn more about our partnership with them on their dedicated page. But it is honestly so much of what has propelled us throughout the COVID crisis. There are families out there who have had it WAY worse than many of us here in Kansas City, and if we can use our craft to help them in a trying year—and trying circumstances in general—then we can count 2020 a success after all.

Better Kansas City neighborhoods are one thing, and we want to continue fostering community in the city we love. But there are other neighborhoods beyond 913 and 816 that need a little extra love in 2021 and beyond.

How You Can Help

The first way you can help is simple, and it pertains to our bread and butter: schedule an estimate. If you want to come alongside vulnerable women and children to help a great cause this year AND complete that painting project you’ve been wanting to get to, simply click that link to schedule an estimate. In the process of a beautiful paint job, you’ll help us help more individuals through Forgotten Children Worldwide in 2021.

If you’d like to simply give back this year and help other families in need, we’ve compiled a few links below:

All of these are great organizations in Kansas City. Each of them are simply trying to make sure families across the globe can start 2021 on a high note.

We’re grateful to all our customers who enlisted the help of Mission Painting in 2020. We look forward to a New Year ahead with promise for our community and country where we can continue to bounce back as one. Hopefully, with a renewed gratitude and thankfulness for the resources we’ve been given, we can continue to link arms and bless those who are in dire need.

It’s part of our vision as a business. It’s part of our Mission as a calling.

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