One of the best ways to give your home an updated look is with a fresh coat of paint. For some people, that is an easy project. Often, our customers will leave home for a few days while the work is getting done and come home to a fresh, new look. But for others, the thought of completing an entire interior paint job is daunting. They will ask themselves, “How will we still be able to function while this is happening? What am I going to do about the mess during the project? Where are we going to stay?”

At Mission Painting and Home Improvements we want to give you a few little pointers to help prioritize the painting project. Our aim is to help you complete this project in the most effective order.

  1. Start in bedrooms and bathrooms. These are two of the most “necessary” rooms in your home and getting them taken care of first will allow you to feel at home even while the rest of your home might be a mess. It will provide a little oasis in the midst of your project that you can also close up to avoid the smells that come with most paint jobs.
  2. Move to your kitchen next. This is not only good for the functionality of your home but also for your waistline. Having the kitchen completed and usable allows you to enjoy time with your loved ones around the table and makes it less likely that you will head to the ease of fast food while the project is being done. So, take the time to do this early in your project. You will be happy you did.
  3. Time to paint the living areas. Your living room or family room is likely the largest room in your home and will probably take the longest. It is a room that can wait, especially in warmer weather, as outside spaces can be used as gathering spots while the paint project is finishing. Once done, move your furniture back, have some folks over, and enjoy your freshly painted home.
  4. Last but not least your laundry room. Painting this room last is important because you don’t want your clothes to smell like paint. It is also quite easy to access a laundromat during the project if needed. Here is a helpful hint, do your laundry prior to the start of your project and don’t do them again until your project is over. That allows for all your clothes to be cleaned of the paint smell at once and prevents carry over of aroma from one piece of clothing to another.

As always, the experts at Mission Painting are here to help with all your painting needs. We will help your project go from a headache to a hassle-free experience you can’t wait tell your friends about.

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