Masterful Painters with Mission Painting in Kansas City

Your house is more than four walls with a coat of paint. It’s where you raise your family and make memories that will last a lifetime. As a local team of painting experts, Mission Painting in Kansas City, KS, has been beautifying and restoring homes since 2016. We have experience in many styles of homes and commercial buildings. With unwavering ethics and strong attention to detail, we have built a reputation for long-lasting quality work.

We want every customer to be comfortable in their homes, even while we’re working on them. Our team does everything possible to prevent your life from becoming disrupted while they paint. Your safety and satisfaction are a top priority, meaning we ensure our Kansas City painters understand how to respect your space.


Working With Mission Painting

From residential to commercial painting projects, Mission Painting is committed to taking time and care to ensure each customer’s dream becomes a reality. We aim to enhance the lives of our employees, clients, and our community. Our commitment to excellence has shaped our company into a business that treasures what we do and how we do it.

We strive to complete every job without issues by providing a dedicated Project manager. Our painting contractors carry worker’s comp and liability insurance that protects them and you if an accident occurs while on the job. Furthermore, each crew is trained to Mission Painting standards before being assigned to a job.

We take your safety seriously, so every employee undergoes a comprehensive background check. This ensures you receive the best service possible in your Kansas City home.


Mission Painting Core Values

Mission Painting was founded upon the following core values.



We strive to live up to the biblical command to love and serve our neighbors. We gather with like-minded CEOs in Kansas and Missouri to keep ourselves on the right path. These panels are essential for ensuring that we can meet your home improvement needs. Additionally, we are a C12-affiliated firm, which means we have created a successful company that benefits you and society.



You’ll always want your home to be your safe place. We vow to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the project. To do this, your Project Manager will provide you with regular status updates. Count on our crew to take care of your home, leaving it in better condition than we found.



As technology continues to advance, our industry standards will evolve. We continue to pursue professional development to ensure our staff is current with these changes. This is key to providing the best service to our customers.


Giving Back

As our company grows, we’re proud to help the community. When you pick Mission Painting, you’ll benefit from first-rate customer service and contribute to our Paint-It-Forward program. This organization supports other local Kansas City charities like Forgotten Children Worldwide. A portion of your costs is donated to these charities, enabling us to assist others in need.


Kansas City Mission Painting Services

One thing any good business owner knows is that consumers like options. At Mission Painting, we provide a wide range of services to help you reach your goals. We can handle the job whether you need a single room painted or an entire building.


Reliable Residential Painting Services

Your home’s appearance can easily be updated with a new coat of paint. Whether you stick to the old color and update its appearance or choose a brand-new color, you’ll find a shade you love with Mission Painting. We can update your interior or exterior with our professional painting services.


Impeccable Interior Painting

Are you looking for a way to spruce up the dull rooms in your home? Trust our team to apply a fresh layer of paint that will brighten your space and make other elements pop. Choosing your favorite color can display a part of your personality for everyone to see.

Count on the pros at Mission Painting to take care while applying a fresh coat of paint. We’ll take steps to protect your property, whether it’s your favorite old chair or freshly laid tile flooring. Our interior painters in Kansas City will place a protective covering to keep splattering paint from covering the surface.


Exceptional Exterior Painting

The outside of your home faces the harshest elements, from heavy rains to extreme heat from the beating sun. However, a fresh coat of paint can restore the appearance and curb appeal. All it takes is a phone call to Mission Painting exterior painters to begin rejuvenating the exterior of their Kansas City homes.

Painting your home’s exterior is more than improving the aesthetics. A new layer of paint contributes to your home maintenance. Wood rot is something every homeowner wants to avoid. But homeowners need to realize that cracked or separated caulk requires fresh paint. Watch for signs of fading, chalking (white residue), or caulk separating. Call Mission Painting to restore the problem and your home maintenance if you notice any of these issues.

Details are important to our customers, so they are important to us. Before opening the first can of paint, we’ll take every necessary step to protect your property — even your vehicles. If they are parked in a danger zone, we’ll ask you to move them to a safer location. We strategically place drop clothes to catch falling paint chips as we remove old, deteriorating paint. If we find any signs of wood rot underneath, we’ll quickly repair that too.


Stress Free Holiday Lighting

When it’s time to deck the halls and string the holiday lights, stress levels, and accidents increase. But we can help with that too. Mission Painting in Kansas City can hang your decorations and holiday lighting so you can unwind and appreciate the extra time with your family. We have two service levels that will simplify your holidays while bringing your vision to life!

We’re the team you need to take care of your holiday decorations from start to finish. Before stringing them along your fence or porch, we’ll verify that each light works. When the season is over, we’ll return to your home and remove the decorations and lights to prepare them for storage. Whether we take them to our storage facility or go into your garage, they’ll be packed and prepared for the next holiday season.


The Mission Painting Appointment Process

Choosing a new color seems simple but can be a complex decision for some. You have thousands of colors to choose from, and selecting the right one is essential. To make your decision easier, we can create a digital sample of your home using your desired color. You’ll get a better idea of what it looks like, and you’ll know whether you like it or not. We can always create another sample until you’ve found a color that makes you happy.


Understanding Our Painting Appointment Process

As premier painters in Kansas City, Mission Painting painters always follow the same five-step process for every project.

  1. Begin by scheduling a free estimate with our talented house painters.
  2. A qualified estimator will arrive at your home to discuss your painting project.
  3. You can choose an optional Color Consultation to help you choose the perfect color.
  4. Your designated production manager visits your residence to verify changes before the project begins. Because we want to get the house painting job done right, this is a special service and Mission Painting is one of the only painting companies to provide it. Many companies have you sign the paperwork and complete the job without a project manager.
  5. Upon completion, your warranty begins and can last up to five years. We’ll complete routine checks to confirm the job stays up to the industry standards.

You should love your home, and by trusting in Mission Painting painters, you know that you’ll get quality service and the best color for your space.


Let Mission Painting Handle Your Paint Job

Our team has years of experience in the painting business. Whether you need your residential front porch painted an entire commercial building, our passionate and professional home painters can do the job. Contact Mission Painting today and learn more about our five-step appointment process. Schedule your free, no-obligation estimate and ask our team how you can help the mission.