When you’re looking for interior painters in Overland Park, you might have a home sale on your mind! Preparing to put your house on the market often involves interior painting. Not only is this a cost-effective way to give your home an updated look, it’s one of the best ways to appeal to buyers.

But what are the best colors that are going to sell your home? We’ve got your top picks for the most-used rooms. With interior house painting, your home can hit the market ready to sell for top dollar with these splashes of color.


Blue happens to be one of the best colors to sell your home. From powder blues to deeper hues, blue is the color that’s going to get you the most money for your home. Where should you use blue to attract the most buyers?

Kitchens. Once a popular color for kitchens, yellow has now faded into the background. It’s blue kitchens that are going to grab the most attention and speak to your future homebuyers. In fact, blue has been shown to have a similar effect in the dining room as well!

Bathrooms. Bathrooms with soft blues are estimated to get you over $5,000 more for your home. Choose light blues or blues with just a touch of purple or lavender to make the most impact.

Bedrooms. Bedrooms should be a serene place with just the right amount of pop to make an impression. Stick to blues that are easy on the eyes and always shy away from dark blues. You can ask your Overland Park interior painting company  which hue they think would work best in the space.


Any interior painting contractor will tell you that brown can work best in just about any space. From creamy beiges to sandy colors with a smidge of terra cotta, these colors can warm up any room. Where should you use brown in your home?

Living rooms. These areas are where large amounts of time are spent. You can transform a room just by picking the right color with your interior painter. Stick with light, warm tones that bring out the best in your home’s living room.

Bedrooms. Always choose a lighter brown for your bedroom. Invite buyers in with the right shade of beige. Keep the brown neutral with the right touch of personality to bring warmth and life into a room that’s supposed to be the epitome of comfort.


One of the most popular colors with interior painting contractors right now is gray. Gray can be calming yet bold and set the stage for just about any room. Where should you ask your interior painting company to use this great color?

Bedrooms. Creating a tranquil space is easy when you choose the perfect shade of light gray. For a bit of drama and a touch of peace and comfort, gray could just be the color that sells your home.

Nurseries. Now referred to as the “modern neutral”, gray creates a gender-neutral space for your newborn all in calming hue to soothe their first years in your home!

Choosing the right color for your home is easy when you choose the best interior painters Overland Park. By updating your home with a fresh coat of paint, you not only appeal to buyers’ emotions but cross that item off their to-do list. The bottom line: get more money for your perfect piece of property!

Have you used any of these colors in your home with selling success? Tell us about your best use of these colors!

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