July 30th is recognized as World Day Against Trafficking. Last week, we recognized this day as a Mission Painting team, as its integral to the “Mission” side of our business. Human trafficking is an atrocity we long to see end in our lifetime. It’s a big goal – one that some might scoff at, but we believe it’s possible. In our fight to end human trafficking, we have partnered with Forgotten Children Worldwide – an organization aiding women, orphans and vulnerable children who are in the throes of human trafficking. A percentage of our profits from Mission Painting goes to this amazing organization so that they can help those in need.

Therefore, we honor World Day Against Trafficking, but know this issue deserves more than just one day for awareness. Human trafficking will end with thousands of little decisions we make everyday, not just a few substantial actions.

Everyday Faithfulness

We have a few suggestions of how you can help us in the fight to end human trafficking. Thanks to the internet, you can literally make a difference in a matter of seconds.

Come alongside Forgotten Children Worldwide

Although we’re biased, we really encourage you to check out the Forgotten Children Worldwide website to learn more. Scan their homepage, and consider a few of their suggestions to get involved:

Become a Business Supporter

Similar to our path, your business can utilize your expertise to help vulnerable women and children.

Become a Church Supporter

Whether you’re on staff or just attend, Forgotten Children Worldwide will send you materials to share with others you go to church with.


This organization will give you steps to get involved on a national OR local level.

Join the #EndIt Movement

Celebrities worldwide have joined and promoted the #EndIt movement. (You might recall individuals painting red “X’s” on their hand and posting pictures about the initiative). But you don’t have to be a celebrity – visit EndItMovement.com to learn more statistics about trafficking and how you can get involved.

Partner with Local KC Initiatives

When we think of human trafficking, we often think of it happening overseas. But trafficking is actually closer to home than you realize. Uncomfortably close. Go to Google and type in “Human trafficking in (city you live in)” and make note of what you see. Hopefully, you can get paired with some organizations doing good work on behalf of vulnerable women and children caught in this dangerous web.

Are you a local Kansas City Business Owner? Grab coffee with Eric.

Mission Painting CEO, Eric Regan, would love to sit down and discuss how your business can lead the charge with Mission Painting. Shoot him an email at eric.regan@missionpaintingkc.com and we’ll get it scheduled as soon as possible!

Pray for Mission Painting

We know nothing good happens outside of prayer. We would appreciate prayer as we continue our busy season. As professional painters, we pursue customer satisfaction. Pray for continued, meaningful connections throughout our city, so that we can help others throughout our globe.

More Than Painting

We wanted to spend a whole blog post talking about this issue because it drives the work we do. When the days are hot, when paint gets on our clothes, and when we drive all over Kansas City – we can still do it with a smile on our face. Because we know an excellent paint job for your home doesn’t stop there.

It ends with hope for a woman or child caught in senseless violence and abandonment.

The day we stop trafficking awareness is the day we shut down our doors. Until then, we’d be honored to paint yours. It’s all a part of a greater mission and movement at hand

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