Do you have the right foundation? No, we are not talking about the foundation of your home.  We are talking about the right primer for your paint job.

Just like building on a firm foundation is necessary for a good house or building, the right primer is often step one of a successful and lasting paint job.

Now, not all painting jobs require a primer, but some painting jobs will benefit greatly from a coat of primer before the paint goes up.

Here are 4 situations when primer is absolutely necessary.

1.  Painting new surfaces. New drywall, newly skim coated walls, and bare wood will all need primer. These surfaces will soak up paint because of their porous surfaces. Primer will reduce the number of paint coats you will need to get the finish you want.

2.  Walls that are stained or dirty. Many times, in kitchens or bathrooms you will run into stained walls. Grease, soap scum, or even water spots can leave a wall looking worn and dirty.  After a good cleaning, using a good primer will make sure that the stains don’t bleed through into your new color and leave you with the color and finish you desire.

3.  Painting over a dark color. If you have decided that your room needs a lighter color a white primer is key to making sure your new color looks like the sample you picked out and doesn’t end up a blend of the color you picked and the previous color. This is especially true if you aren’t using one of our suggested paints from Benjamin Moore® or Sherwin-Williams®.

4.  Painting over an oil-based paint with a latex paint. In order for your latex paint to adhere to the glossy oil-based paint a primer is necessary. But remember that primers are specific to latex or oil-based paints. Using the wrong one can have disastrous implications!

At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we are here for all your residential and commercial painting needs and are ready to help you with your project big or small. We strive to make the painting process a hassle-free experience from beginning to end.

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