Exterior Painters Overland Park

Anyone can paint a house.

But you don’t want just anyone to paint your home.

You want the best.

At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we take specific, careful steps to prepare a house for painting that no other exterior painting company in Overland Park or even Metro Kansas City does. Proper preparation is 90% of the job when it comes to exterior painting.

Our extensive preparation work enables us to consistently deliver superior painting craftsmanship. Not doing the proper prep work leads to a poor painting job. We do our work right, clean up any mess instantly, and provide you with a simple, hassle-free experience.

This leaves you with no surprises, just a stunning new paint job.

At Mission, we’re proud of our workmanship. To provide you with peace of mind, we don’t accept a dime of payment until the job is complete and you, the customer, are 100% satisfied.

You’ll always know what to expect from us. Just like our interior painting services, our Overland Park KS exterior painting services are openly detailed in our professional paperwork. This leaves everyone clear about what our services will entail, both in scope and in cost. We even communicate daily regarding the status of your job via text or email.

When you’re tired of the uncertainty of sketchy Overland Park exterior painting contractors, just book directly online, it’s that easy! We focus completely on a hassle-free experience. We do your job right, on time, and on budget.

So… How do we do it?

Preparing Your Home

At Mission Painting, we take great care to minimize our mess from the moment we step on your property.

We notice your manicured lawn and our painters take extra steps to protect your landscaping. We may even ask you to move your vehicles if they’re in a risky zone.

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop there.

We clean as we go, using drop cloths to catch paint chips when removing your old coat(s) of paint. We call it our “Instant Clean-Up Policy.”

Ladder pads are used to protect gutters and siding. Our power washers are handled with care so they won’t tear up any grass.

Our eye for detail continues as we begin our work on your home. We identify and fix any rotted wood that needs to be replaced. We always remove loose caulking before applying a new coat. We fix what others ignore every day because we have the carpenters, masons, and aluminum and vinyl technicians on our professional team to do it.

Our razor sharp drag scrapers enable us to provide you with the best method of paint removal for long-term paint adhesion. This provides you with superior paint removal that other companies simply can’t give you with their flimsy push tools.

We power wash at 3700 psi to thoroughly remove chalk and film. This means your paint will never peel on aluminum siding and will last longer on your wood—in fact, we guarantee no peeling for life on Aluminum Sided homes.

We also power wash with an 18-foot telescoping extension pole. Your hard-to-reach places get the same cleaning that your lower sections get. We know of no other company that uses more than a 3-foot extension.

Mission Painting uses the highest grade polyurethane-based caulk, which is the very best available. This means it forms a chemical bond—not just mechanical—to give you a seal that lasts much longer than ordinary latex caulk.

Priming Your Home

Our priming process begins with extensively protecting all areas.

Decks, patios, fencing, driveways, your roof, and your windows are protected from paint overspray. We cover all windows to ensure perfectly clean, straight lines all around.

If we see rusted areas, we apply Red Oxide Rust Inhibitor prior to painting. If we see mildew, it’s removed with a chlorine solution during power washing. Nothing gets past us.

We prime using Peel Stop Acrylic primer on bare wood surfaces, which helps your home retain the finish coat for longer. This sinks into your wood more thoroughly than most exterior primers, which means your wood gets to breathe while still experiencing the flexibility of acrylic paint, which lasts longer than oil-based primers.

This type of primer also offers superior fading resistance, so your home will look fresher and brighter for longer.

Painting Your Home

Our professional Overland Parks KS exterior painters at Mission Painting use a new spray tip for every new job. This gives the most professional-looking job. This prevents paint from running and makes siding look as close to new as possible.

We go above and beyond the call of duty—we paint your mailbox, light pole, or take down old antennae if you want. Don’t be shy in asking us to do the “little things,” it’s why you hired us.

Our instant clean-up policy means your yard will look exactly the same when we started as when we’re finished (On homes with extreme peeling, there might be *some* paint chips left behind.)

We provide insurance coverage for all our employees and conduct regularly safety trainings to ensure protection on the job.

After we’re done painting, we do a final inspection with you to ensure you’re happy with our work.

Are you ready to see exterior home painting in Overland Park KS at its best?

We’re contractors who care, so let us help. Since 1985, we’ve been taking the hassle out of home painting. Let us show you the Mission difference. Schedule your free estimate online now by clicking the button below. No Drips. No Runs. No Errors.