Here at Mission Painting and Home Improvements we have learned that finding the “right white” is an obstacle for many of our customers. Why is this? White is the one of the most common colors selected for walls, trim, cabinets, and exteriors. This means that almost all paint jobs will have to deal with the many white options out there.

Our hope is to help you discover which white is the “right white” for you and your home by letting you know a few things about the myriad of shades and how Mission Painting and Home Improvements can help.

It is always nice to know what is trending, so here are a few of the more popular shades of white on the market right now.

Benjamin Moore’s: White Dove OC-17, Pure white OC-64, Simply White OC-117, Chantilly Lace OC-65, Cotton Ball OC-122, Linen White OC-146

Take a closer look at these Benjamin Moore colors HERE.

Sherwin Williams: Extra White SW7006, Pure White SW7005, Dover White SW6385, Summer White SW7557, Alabaster White SW7008

For a closer look at these Sherwin Williams colors click HERE.

One of the key elements to understanding and selecting the “right white” is the undertone.

The right undertone can add some warmness to a room and complement your existing woodwork or warm color schemes. These warm whites include the undertone of red, brown, orange or yellow.

The right undertone can also add some brightness to your room. This is especially important to consider in a room with a lot of natural light and with other cool colors. These cool whites include the undertone of gray, blue, or green. 

There are a few natural whites that have barely any undertones and are complementary in most environments.

For many people selecting the right undertone is important but it is not possible without seeing things side by side.  Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both have websites featuring side by side paint comparisons. This will give you a direct comparison without ever having to leave your home.

You can click HERE and HERE to link up with their websites.

You can also buy samples of your favorite paint colors.  Apply 2 coats on a flat board and compare them directly to your walls. This allows you to move your samples around your home and check the color at different times of day in different lighting.

Here at Mission Painting and Home Improvements we try to take the guess work out of paint colors by using a special software to overlay your walls and trim with the colors you are wanting to try out. This will give you confidence in what you are purchasing and cut down on trips to the hardware store and potential repainting.

Whether you are wanting to select the “right white” on your own or you would like our help, Mission Painting and Home Improvements is here for all your painting needs.

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