In the past, we’ve mentioned areas of professional development for our team. We believe in enhancing our internal culture so that we can best serve our customers. There are a number of ways we do this—it starts with paying our full-time workers adequately, as well as our fantastic subcontractors. Our Mission Painting team does an incredible job from start to finish, and you can see some quick testimonials on our site or look up our Google Reviews. But when it comes to the core of our business—mission, vision, values—we get some help from the nationally renowned C12 Group on a regular basis.

Taken from their website, “Each month, C12 gathers thousands of Christian CEOs and business owners in Peer Advisory Groups across the globe. These leaders help each other make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, create solid plans for growth, and thrive in their calling to create impact beyond the bottom line.”

That’s right. Every month, Mission Painting CEO, Eric Regan, represents Mission Painting at Kansas City’s C12 gathering at Milburn Country Club. Led by Eric’s friend and Mission Painting Advisor, Paul Scianna, we surround ourselves with other Christian leaders in Kansas City to stay true to our mission.

What Happens at The C12 Group?

Once a month, this gathering serves as a respite for CEOs, while enhancing their businesses at the same time. Everyone puts away their cell-phones, and turns attention to the C12 curriculum inside their notebooks.

To boil it down, C12 is a place to focus on our mission, vision, and values of business. That’s where we start most conversations, and everything else builds out from there. The all-day meetings are structured in three parts.

  1. Devotional. Paul leads the group in a devotional that highlights a passage of scripture and how it applies to any given season. For instance, every month’s curriculum is tailored to the present day. In 2020, there were many devotionals this past year on mental stability, as a CEO, during a pandemic. Every CEO fills out a “Scorecard” that looks at various areas of life—Marriage, Finances, Walk with God, Biblical Community, Rest & Retreat, among others—and scores each category from 1 to 10. Ten means “doing great” and when numbers start to dip, the group—about 10 to 12 CEOs—rallies around those who might need prayer in a specific area.
  2. Business. The second segment, typically around an hour-and-half, focuses on the business side of things. How can your business grow in terms of its processes, personnel, finances, and forecasting? Every month is a different topic, but the words, questions, and resources are all about how to take a thriving business and take it to new heights. It’s worthy to note C12 typically serves businesses and CEOs earning a revenue of at least $1m. You know you’re in good company at C12 of Kansas City, and we’re humbled to have a place at the table.
  3. Ministry. Although the faith element shines through all three categories, this portion of the monthly meeting really speaks into the ministry side of each respective business. Ultimately, the best “ministry” we can have through business is to be excellent at what you do. We serve the Kansas City metro through professional painting and personalized service. That, in itself, is a ministry. But Mission Painting also partners with Forgotten Children Worldwide to support vulnerable women and children in the throes of human trafficking. Those missional objectives are what we discuss in the ministry portion. And we brainstorm ways, as a group, to love and serve our community better for the sake of advancing God’s Kingdom here on earth.

    There’s just a preview of what each C12 meeting looks like. Interested in learning more? Email C12 Kansas City Chairman, Paul Scianna, for more info on how you can get involved!

    Our Core Values and the Years Ahead

    When you consider Mission Painting’s Core Values, you can see why we need accountability in the process. Our goal is to perfect the interior, exterior, and commercial painting process for two reasons: 1) serve Kansas City and create better neighborhoods and 2) end human trafficking for women and children involved. The following core values keep us on track, and the C12 Group is a monthly reminder in the process.

    • Driven by Faith. Mission Painting is founded on biblical principles. Specifically, what it means to love and serve our neighbors well.
    • Working with Integrity. Your home is a sacred space. Every step we take reflects that truth. We follow through with our commitments, provide daily updates to our customers, and leave every space better than when we found it.
    • Pursuing Excellence. You can see it in our reviews: Mission Painting provides an excellent service for our neighborhoods. However, we’re never complacent. Our team pursues professional development and industry knowledge to best serve the customer.
    • Stewarding our Resources. Our commitment is to grow our business so that we can give back to individuals and organizations we believe in. When you work with us, you further a greater mission.

      If you have any questions about how we implement those core values, please reach out! We’d love to tell you about how we lead with those words in mind. And if you’d like to see them in action, schedule an estimate today. Every painted home starts with a new relationship. Our most coveted relationship is with God, and ensuring we honor him in our work everyday. But a close second is with our neighbors and customers. The C12 Group is how we stay sharp, but you’re the reason why we love what we do.

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