At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we have found that a person’s favorite color is often a key determining factor in the selection of the color palette for their home.

What most people don’t realize is that the colors we select have direct influence on our moods and emotions. For some, colors bring up past events; memories of a family members and friends, or significant events in our lives. But for some people, just the presence of specific colors (warm, cool, or neutral) can cause their emotions to shift.

This understanding has caused color psychology to become a more popular tool in marketing, art, or design.

Warm colors

Red, yellow, and orange, have been shown to evoke feelings ranging from warmth and comfort in some to anger and hostility in others.

Cool colors

Green, blue, and purple, can be relaxing and peaceful to many people but saddening to others.

Neutral colors

Black, gray, and white are often associated with feelings of boldness and new beginnings.

Selecting which colors you want to use in which rooms is incredibly important and can be considered when you are thinking of what tone you want to set in a specific room.

Dining rooms

Dining rooms are places of togetherness and energizing conversations so using colors like red, orange, and yellow can help set the tone well.


Kitchens are often filled with aromas that bring up great memories of family, friends, and comfort foods.  This makes warm colors ideal. Many people have found that warm colors increase appetites and help calm folks from the business of the day.


Bedrooms are places of rest and relaxation so colors like green, blue, and purple can create the comfortable and calm environment you are looking for.


Bathrooms can either be a place for relaxation or maybe you want them to be more energizing to help with waking up in the morning.  Choose a cool color like green or blue to help relieve stress and relax.  Choosing yellow which is energizing and uplifting can be the perfect thing to help you get your day started.

Living Rooms

If you’re looking to bring more excitement to your living room, try a shade of earthy red.  A grayish blue can bring calmness and serenity into your living space.


Blue is a popular color for this room because it is said to make people feel more productive.

Exercise rooms

What are we looking for when exercising? The energy to finish what we started. Orange is a great color to help you put a little extra pep in your step.

To learn more about the psychology of color check out this article.

There are many factors that will help you select the right paint color for you and your space, maybe mood and emotions should be one of them.

Contact the experts at Mission Painting and Home Improvements for all you need to select the color that will accent your life incredibly well.


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