Residential Painting

It’s inspiring how much a new coat of paint can transform your house.

Whether you want an interior uplift or an exterior overhaul, our residential house painters take your ideas and create the space of your dreams with our skilled team.

Since 1985, we’ve been creating stunning, crisp coats of paint with our professional team who take the utmost pride in what they do.

Let us show you how we can help—we take your color choices and photos of your home to show you exactly what your space would look like before we even think about painting. This allows you to make the best choice and eliminate fear of choosing the wrong color.

We know that the best painting job comes from the proper prep work, that’s why we never cut corners like other house painters.

Here’s how we do your painting job and do it right at Mission Painting.

Exterior House Painting | Total Transformation

When painting your exterior, we know protecting your lawn is just as important as doing a professional painting job.

Our exterior house painters take carefulness to a whole new level when it comes to your landscaping.

Here are just a few of the practices we incorporate to protect your home and lawn with our exterior house painting services:

  • We ask that you move your vehicles should they be in a risky zone.
  • By using drop cloths to catch paint chips, we clean as we go.
  • Driveways, patios, fencing, and decks are fully protected from paint overspray.
  • We outline all windows to not only ensure perfectly clean lines, but protected panes.
  • Your roof is even protected from overspray by our professional team.

In addition to confirming your yard is protected before painting, we carefully inspect your home’s siding for any existing issues. These include things like rotten wood, loose caulking, or holes. We fix what others ignore because we have the team and capabilities to do so.

We use razor-sharp drag scrapers to fully remove paint. This allows your new coat of paint to have the maximum potential for long-term paint adhesion. Other exterior painting companies use simple push tools that can’t provide this level of paint removal.

Our power washer uses 3700 psi to completely eliminate chalk and film. We guarantee that your paint will never peel—for life. Our exterior house painters also use 18-foot extension poles to clean hard-to-reach spaces. We know of no other local home painting company that does this!

We even fix rusted areas and remove old loose caulk before applying a new layer with our high-grade polyurethane caulk. Our acrylic paint allows your home to retain its brightness for longer.

By using a new spray tip for every job and instantly cleaning up our mess, we ensure you’re happy with the work we’ve done.

Interior House Painting for a Fresh Start

Our interior house painting services begin with fully protecting your home.

We use clean plastic to cover all furniture that can’t be moved; we take the proper precautions when moving necessary furniture by always lifting, never sliding.

Full floor covers with clean tarps and a plastic doorway between the rest of your house and the room being painted ensure that our mess is always confined before being cleaned up by our team.

Our interior house painters even wipe down all dusty surfaces from sanding with a clean cloth when we’re done.

Mission’s professional home painters use Purdy roller covers to eliminate hair and lint from your walls. We promise a smooth, clean look, every time. We do this by sanding all wall surfaces to remove imperfections. We caulk gaps and holes as necessary before letting it dry fully.

Then, we prime your space. We use flood lights to ensure we correct imperfections, which means you have clean walls with perfect lines thanks to our Blue Tape. We never attempt to freehand lines to provide you with the most professional look.

By prepping your space, protecting your house, and cleaning up afterwards, we know you’ll love your new coat of interior paint with us!

House Painting At Its Best

To guarantee you have the best painting job, we detail everything in our clear and comprehensive contracts. Mission’s focus is on a totally hassle-free painting experience for all our customers.

We don’t accept any money before the job is done and you’re 100% satisfied—this means you hold all the cards. We conduct a final walkthrough with you when our work is complete to address any concerns.

Mission Painting offers a 3-year warranty on interior painting jobs and a 7-year warranty on exterior painting jobs. This means if there’s any type of problem, contact us. We’ll be there within 48 hours.

Our house painters are fully insured with workmen’s comp and liability insurance. If anything gets broken, you’ll be notified immediately and the cost will be covered by us.

Our quality workmanship, instant cleanup policy, and no-nonsense approach to home painting ensures your satisfaction with our work. We take pride in what we do at Mission Painting.

Are you tired of house painting contractors that don’t return your calls or leave your house a mess? Get ready for a different experience with Mission. Find out why we’re rated at 99% on Angie’s List and have won Best of Houzz since 2014. We’d love to make you another thrilled customer with our residential painting services! Schedule your free estimate today via our online scheduler so we can come out and talk with you about your project and house painting cost.


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