Get A Quality Paint Job From Experienced Painters in Leawood

Mission Painting is a residential and commercial painting company providing first-rate painting solutions. We have provided skilled and experienced painters to the Leawood area since 2016. Our mission is to continue delivering exceptional customer service and quality results to every consumer. Rest assured, you will have beautiful, long-lasting results when you work with our experienced team from Mission Painting.

All you have to do is schedule a time to meet with one of our talented house painters. We’ll review your needs and work on customizing a quote for your home. Once you’ve accepted our proposal, our team will work diligently to complete your paint job without disrupting your daily routine.


Services From Mission Painting in Leawood

If your home is begging for a makeover and could use fresh colors, we’ve got you covered. Our wide range of services can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance. Count on our team to handle the job, no matter how big or small.


Residential Painting Services

One simple way to update your home is by applying a fresh coat of paint. But we can handle the task if taping, sanding, and painting don’t appeal to you. Our experts can help you choose a fresh new color or match your existing interior or exterior shade.


Interior Painting

Throughout the years, trends have changed, making your home appear outdated and require renovations. If you no longer love the color of your kitchen, bedroom, or any other room, we can help. Mission Painters are experienced and knowledgeable interior painters you can count on for any project.

Our team is cautious about protecting your property. Whether it’s your designer area rug or vintage coffee table, our interior painters carefully cover or move the furniture to protect it from paint spatter.


Exterior Painting

Have you looked at the outside of your home recently? Do you notice peeling paint and a dull, faded look? While this is natural wear and tear, it can make your house look older than it is. With a fresh coat of paint, Mission Painting exterior painters can restore your home’s appearance and curb appeal.

New paint on your home’s exterior is more than just restoring the curb appeal. Painting your home is routine maintenance and can prevent wood rot, which every homeowner wants to avoid. If you notice cracked or separated caulk, you need to call Mission Painting for a fresh coat of paint. Signs of fading, chalking (white residue), or splitting caulk require expert attention. Call Mission Painting to address these and other issues.

We understand that outside your home may contain valuable property too. Before we begin painting, we’ll advise you to move your car if parked too close. Our team will place drop cloths to catch paint chips before they get lost in the dirt. During the process, if we find any signs of wood rot, we’ll repair that too.


Holiday Lighting

Many things related to the holidays invoke feelings of stress and being overwhelmed. To help you maintain control, we offer two service levels that will make your holidays easier. We can come to your home and hang your holiday lights and other decorations. You’ll have extra time to spend with your family and relax.

Our team can help make your holiday vision a reality. We pay attention to the details and check every light strand to ensure each bulb works. Your decorations will be put up according to your specifications. After the holiday season ends, we’ll return to your home and take them down. We can prepare them for storage; regardless of where they’ll sit until the following year, they’ll be packed and ready for the next festive season.


Our Five-Step Appointment Process

Although choosing a new shade for your dining room seems simple, it can take time to narrow it down with hundreds of shades to choose from. Our team can help make choosing your new hue easier by creating a digital sample using your home and selected color. You’ll have a clearer picture of what it will look like and decide whether that’s your shade of blue or you need a lighter color.

As a leading house painting company in Leawood, Mission Painting painters are committed to this five-step process for every project.

  1. You schedule a convenient free estimate with our gifted house painters.
  2. A skilled estimator will come to your home to discuss your painting needs.
  3. You can add an optional Color Consultation to help pick the perfect color.
  4. Your appointed production manager visits your residence to confirm changes before the undertaking starts. Because our goal is to get the job done right, this is a unique service Mission Painting provides. Other companies have you sign on the dotted line and move forward with the job without a project manager.
  5. At the end of the job, your warranty starts, lasting up to five years. We’ll conduct periodic checks to confirm the job maintains current industry standards.

You bought your home because there was something about it you loved. Let Mission Painting help you love it again.


Choosing Mission Painting For Your Project

With multiple local painting companies nearby, deciding which one to hire can take time. Whether you need a small residential or large commercial painting project completed, we work hard to deliver outstanding painting services. Our team of talented professional house painters understands your house is more than four walls and a roof and respects your time and space. We treat your home as if it were our own. Our painting team follows all protocols to ensure we deliver quality results and you have an amazing experience.

Each painting team is trained to Mission Painting standards and has a designated project manager. They communicate daily progress and address your needs, questions, or concerns. Before your job begins, your project manager will call or email you to relay essential information that will keep everyone on the same page. You can trust our team because our painting contractors must pass a comprehensive background check and carry worker’s comp and liability insurance. These resources protect them and you if there is an accident while on the job.


What Drives Mission Painting

Mission Painting has a strong foundation built on the following core values.


Our Faith

Mission Painting is deeply rooted in our Christian faith. We believe we must love and serve our neighbors to help move this world forward. To help complete our mission, we meet with like-minded top executives in Kansas and Missouri to ensure we remain on the right path. Mission Painting is a C12-affiliated company, meaning we have established ourselves as a business that benefits you and society.


Maintain High Standards

Your home is a refuge where you should feel safe and happily raise your family. Mission Painting painters will take care of your space and leave it in better condition than it was found.


Providing First-Rate Service

Technology and industry standards have changed immensely since our company began. But we do everything we can to stay current. Our employees pursue professional development to ensure we are on top of any changes that will help us provide the best customer service.


Sharing Our Resources

We’re blessed to be a growing company. With our growth, we want to help others. By hiring Mission Painting, you will not only have an incredible experience, but you’ll contribute to our Paint-It-Forward program. We’ve partnered with this program to help other local Leawood charities like Forgotten Children Worldwide. A percentage of your invoice is donated to these charities and moved worldwide to help those in need.


Let Mission Painting Manage Your Paint Project

Mission Painting professionals have years of experience in the painting industry. Whether you want your bathroom painted a new shade of pink or need new life breathed into your church, our dynamic and expert home painters can manage the job. Contact Mission Painting today to schedule your free, no-obligation Color Consultation and start your painting project.