Update & Paint Your Overland Park Home With Mission Painting 

Does your Overland Park home or business need a little refreshing? Then Mission Painting is the team of painting contractors for you! We’re here to help with your residential or commercial property’s transformation by providing a wide range of house painting services.

Our team can touch up your existing color to give it a more vibrant appearance. Or, if you prefer, we can provide you with an expansive palette to choose a new color to add some zing to your building. Regardless of which path you choose, our top priority is your satisfaction.

Whether you want a single room updated or your entire storefront, our dynamic and professional home painters can tackle the job. Since 2016, we’ve provided painting services throughout the Overland Park area, painting churches, bathrooms, and everything in between. Our customers think we are the best painting company, but we’re also experts at wood rot and drywall repair.


Understanding Our Painting Appointment Process 

As the best painters in Overland Park, Mission Painting contractors follow the same five basic steps for every painting project.

  1. You schedule a free estimate with our expert house painters.
  2. A trained estimator will visit your home to discuss your painting needs.
  3. An optional Color Consultation gets coordinated so you can choose the perfect color.
  4. Your assigned production manager visits your home to document changes before we begin painting. This is a unique service we provide, as many companies have you sign on the dotted line and source the work without any oversight.
  5. Once the job is finished, your (up to) 5-year warranty begins, and we complete routine checks to ensure the job remains up to your industry-leading standards.

We want you to love the space you’re in, so trust Mission Painting painters to help you choose the perfect colors and get the job done right! 


Why Choose Mission Painting

Each of our contractors is fully insured with worker’s comp and liability insurance. If something happens on the job, rest assured our employees are covered. Every job is directly overseen by an experienced Project manager – the best in the business! We like to do what we can to prevent accidents, so our crew is expertly trained to Mission Paintings standards before working on a project.

We also carefully screen our employees. They must undergo a comprehensive background check to ensure you’ll always receive the highest quality service in your Overland Park home.


Driven By Christianity and Integrity

The Bible states you should love and serve your neighbors –and that’s what we strive to do. To keep ourselves on track, we meet with other CEOs in the Kansas and Missouri areas who think like us. These meetings are vital in letting us know we’ll meet your home improvement needs. Furthermore, we are a C12-affiliated company, meaning we’ve built a great business to serve a greater good.

Your home is your private oasis, and it should stay that way. We commit to excellence on the job and will provide regular updates from your assigned Project Manager to you throughout the project. Trust that our team will take care of your sacred space, leaving it as clean or cleaner as we began.


Stay Up To Date With Industry Standards 

Industry standards are constantly updated as technology and products evolve. We must keep current with these changes to provide the best service to our neighbors.


Sharing Our Resources 

As our business grows, it allows us to continue giving back to the community. When you choose Mission Painting, not only do you get top-notch customer service, but you’ll help us in supporting causes like Forgotten Children Worldwide and others local to Kansas City with Paint-It-Forward. A percentage of your costs gets donated to these organizations, helping us help those in need.


Count on Mission Painting For Your Job

We like to provide our customers with options, so we have a broad range of services to help you accomplish your goals. The beauty will be restored to your home, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re working with trustworthy and dependable contractors.


Overland Park Painters for Residential Painting Services 

Giving your home a new look doesn’t mean you must make many drastic changes. You can update your home by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose a brand new color or stick to a similar one, we’ve got a paint that we’re sure you’ll love. Your house should always feel like a home; our interior and exterior painting services can help with that.

For some, choosing a new color isn’t as simple as it sounds. After all, there are thousands of colors you can choose from. But we like to help you feel confident in your selection. We use photos of your home and your color choices to create a digital sample of what the completed project would look like. You’ll have a better idea of whether it’s the right choice for you before we get started. If you don’t like the sample results, we can change the colors until you’ve found the perfect ones.


Masterful Exterior Painting Services 

Your home’s exterior takes a beating from the wind, rain, and snow every year, eventually making it look a little rough. But a fresh coat of paint will restore its appearance and improve the curb appeal. Many homeowners don’t realize how a simple coat of paint from Mission Painting exterior painters can rejuvenate the exterior of their Overland Park homes.

What some homeowners don’t understand is that painting the exterior is more than improving your curb appeal. Instead, it’s about home maintenance. Wood rot is one of the last things you want to deal with. But because customers don’t understand that if the caulk is cracked or separated, your home is in need of a paint job. Keep an eye out for fading, white residue (chalking), or caulk separating, contact Mission Painting so we can get your home maintenance back on track.

We care about our customers, so we pay attention to details. Before we begin a project, we’ll take necessary steps to protect your property, including your vehicles. If they’re parked too close, we’ll advise you where a safe location would be to park. We utilize drop cloths to catch paint chips from your deteriorating old paint, which could reveal rotted wood underneath. Not to worry, though, because we can repair that too.

Our team of painters in Overland Park will restore the curb appeal to your home’s exterior with a splash of color you’ll love.


Professional Interior Painting Services 

Much like a fresh coat of paint gives life to your exterior, a new interior color can spruce up any dull room. It can make a room appear brighter and other elements stand out. A new shade of your favorite color can reflect your personality or create a specific mood within the room.

Trust that the team at Mission Painting will prepare your space correctly to ensure your walls receive the paint. But we’ll also take the necessary steps to keep your property safe. Whether it’s an old sofa that your dog loves to sunbathe on or a brand-new couch, our interior painters will ensure it’s covered to prevent it from getting splattered with paint.


Painters Who Provide Holiday Lighting Services

Everyone dreads putting up those holiday lights around the exterior of their home. But this year, it can be different. Mission Painting in Overland Park installs holiday lighting and hangs your decorations so you can relax and enjoy the season. You can choose between two service packages to simplify your holiday decorating. Our team can help bring your custom vision to life!

Trust our team with your holiday lighting from start to finish. We’ll check your lights to verify if they work before hanging them and creating your holiday wonderland. After the season ends, we’ll remove the decorations and take down the lights. We’ll even take them to our storage facility and maintain them until next season! 

Don’t delay in scheduling your time because these appointments go fast!


Work With Mission Painting Today 

Because of our time in the business, we’ve painted hundreds of houses, leaving many satisfied customers along the way. We want to add you to our growing list. Whether you need a residential or commercial coat of paint, our team of painters is prepared to take on the job.

Contact Mission Painting today to learn about our Color Consultation or how to join the Mission. We’ll schedule your free, no-obligation estimate and start refreshing your home.


Overland Park Case Studies

Client: Chris C

Completion Date: January 2023

Location: Overland Park, KS

This customer found Mission Painting on Angie’s List because we are one of the few painting contractors who received a Super Service Award. This award is given by Angie’s List to top-rated service professionals recognized for their high-quality service and value to their customers. Mission Painting has received this award yearly since Angie’s List has been in business. This factor was influential in her decision to call us. Instead of contacting us through Angie’s List, she made a personal phone call to our business. She was searching for a reputable contractor to address the work in the new condo she had lived in for three months. We were happy to have her business, but we still recommended she get three estimates from other contractors. This helps every client see the value you receive from us compared to our competitors. 

Like our other projects, we completed our standard interior paint preparation to protect our customer’s furniture and personal belongings. We ensure every inch of the room not being painted gets covered with plastic. The plastic gets secured to the floor with tape to prevent dust from getting underneath it. This process was completed in several bedrooms, the kitchen, the main floor, and the basement. The main floor bathroom had old wallpaper that needed removing, so we completed the removal before prepping those walls for interior paint.    

For the wallpaper removal, we billed T&M, which stands for time and material. We send a line item for time and material to the client with specific notes with a maximum amount that the customer will be charged without receiving a change order. The project manager updates T&M at the end of every day to provide the customer with an update on our time to prevent surprises. Our customers appreciate the open communication regarding the current status of the time and material charges.    

We use this process so our customers have total price transparency throughout the project. Other painting contractors estimate how long something will take, like removing wallpaper. After completing the project and receiving the bill, customers feel they fell victim to a bait and switch because the final cost no longer matches the original quote. In some cases, it is multiple times more than the estimated total. We avoid this scenario at all costs by providing T&M updates daily. 

The final cost of this condo painting project was just under $10,000 and took five days to complete. We finished this project on time and within budget. This customer is taking advantage of the financing options Mission Painting offers all customers with low-interest rates or up to one year of payments. These options are done in-house and do not involve an outside bank. We pass the savings from banking fees onto our customers to keep costs as low as possible.  

Once the job was complete, the customer let us know that, overall, things looked fantastic. However, there were a few spots that she was not happy with and felt she needed to touch up on her own. We immediately contacted her to tell her that was our job and we would happily address the issues for her. Within two days, these areas were addressed, and the project manager completed an additional final inspection. The customer was thrilled and left us another five-star review to add to our collection.    

As a thank you for her business, as we do for all our clients, we sent her a box of custom chocolates from Christopher Elbow, a chocolatier based out of Kansas City, MO.