Before we get to at-home home improvements for the summer, we must address the current societal uprising: the Black Lives Matter movement. For Mission Painting, we know this isn’t as much of an uprising as it is a deep foundational truth: that each human being was created in the image of God.

Moreover, we don’t just believe that Black Lives Matter but that each black life possesses worth and value beyond words. Whether in the United States or throughout the globe, we care for and stand with our black and brown-skinned friends – from organizations like Forgotten Children Worldwide to our business affiliates through C12 Group . . . we stand with you. Read the following excerpt we posted earlier this week on our Mission Painting Facebook page:

Black Lives Matter Protest Response

Real systemic change is not a quick fix.

And for a company that cares a lot about the home, we know that’s also where change truly starts. Make time in your evenings for meaningful conversations with friends and family members about how we can make this world better – from social distancing to supporting African Americans in their fight for justice, we’re in this together.

Mission Painting stands with Kansas City in the coming weeks, months and years to enact meaningful change through loving our neighbor and advocating for the vulnerable.

Change starts now. Change starts [in the home]. One day at a time.

Summer At-Home Improvement

One plus about the last few weeks has been the noticeable change in midwest weather. Summer is here, and there is no better summer task to complete than home painting. Before we get to why that’s the scientific reality, just know this is our busy season for good reason. What a thorough cleaning is to spring, a fresh coat of paint is to summer. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change in color, just something to switch up the game a little bit. Your neighbors will enjoy a fresh pop of color in their neighborhood, and you’ll have a seemingly “brand new” home to visit day-after-day. Now to the science . . .

Painting outside is not meant for weather below 45 degrees. Some people think otherwise because paint cans suggest a temperature rating of 35 degrees and above. However, moisture and wind cause surface temperature to drop below air temperature. Stay on the safe side and complete exterior painting tasks – full home or detailed touch-ups – in our favorite (and busiest!) season: summertime.

Side note: although we’re running around like a bunch of headless chickens fulfilling summer requests, we would still be more than happy to schedule an estimate for YOUR home. Please reach out so we can get you on the calendar today!

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