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After selecting a paint color, the next item to consider is what sheen is right for the project in your home.

Paint sheen refers to the luster, or brightness, of a specific paint finish.

Paint sheen is important to consider for both visual and functional reasons.

There are 5 paint sheens that you should be aware of: High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, Eggshell (or Matte in some products), and Flat.

A High Gloss finish provides a more durable finish that is great for higher traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets, front doors, trim and molding. A High Gloss finish works both on the interior and exterior of your home and is easily cleaned. One important thing to consider is that the higher the gloss the more imperfections will be visible.

A Semi-Gloss finish is a step down in luster but is incredibly useful in a different variety of spaces. Semi-Gloss finishes are perfect for spaces that take a lot of abuse, deal with moisture, or high traffic spaces. We recommend using a Semi-Gloss finish on bathrooms, kitchens, garage doors, and metal gutters. Similar to a high gloss finish you will find Semi-Gloss easy to clean while still showing imperfections in the paint and wall.

A Satin finish is highly versatile and has been described as velvety. It is highly durable and still very cleanable. Satin finish is perfect for active rooms like your family room, kid bedrooms, playrooms, window frames, and laundry rooms. You can also get these performance qualities by choosing a better-quality paint recommended to you by your Mission Painting team. Satin is Mission Painting’s preferred sheen for trim (baseboards, doors, cabinets, etc.).

Eggshell (or Matte in some products) is a sheen that has little shine but is much better at hiding imperfections. It is great for low-traffic areas in the interior of your home like your dining room, low traffic hallways, and adult bedrooms. Eggshell is not as easy to clean as glossier finishes. Eggshell or Matte is Mission Painting’s preferred sheen for walls. 

Flat is a completely no shine finish. It brings a soft look to walls and camouflages imperfections incredibly well. Flat finishes can be used in master bedrooms, offices, formal sitting rooms, or on ceilings. Cleaning a Flat finish is much more difficult. Any cleaners used may damage the paint. Flat is best used for ceilings.

There are many important decisions to be made in a painting project and selecting the right paint sheen should be near the top of your list. The experts at Mission Painting and Home Improvements are here to assist you in deciding not only the right color for you but also the right sheen for your painting project.


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