If there was a subtitle to this blog post, it would read “And why you shouldn’t stress over picking the right one!” Since the pandemic, we know many homeowners have taken to interior and exterior paint projects on the home-front. Because that’s the case, we have been VERY BUSY answering calls and scheduling estimates. Although many homeowners have the vision for any given paint project, many are also wise to enlist the wisdom and experience of a professional painter. That’s where we come in! Another trend we’ve run into in addition to these paint projects? Most of these homeowners love. White. Paint. Therefore, we wanted to clear the air and address white before Labor Day. (See what we did there?) When your home exterior paint project is on the line, it’s not imperative you get the right shade of weight. But there are a few clarifying principles to take into consideration.

After reading this post, we’re sure you might have a wall or two, inside or outside, you could see painted in a (fill in the blank) shade of white. That’s great! But again, the help of an expert is always encouraged.

When customers schedule an estimate with us, they then have an opportunity to meet with a color consultant, upon booking, to really pick apart color schemes that are perfect for his or her new home. Catering to that initial dream and vision is in our DNA. We’ll come in and execute on the back half, but before we can do that . . . you have a nice list of whites to choose from.

99 Shades of Bright White on the Wall 

Before we discuss a little of the philosophy behind choosing an appropriate white for your home, let’s just have some fun and look at a number of white paint options out there. If you can believe it or not, these are just to name a few . . .

Sherwin Williams

  • Aesthetic White
  • Alabaster
  • Pure White
  • Marshmallow
  • Dover White
  • Snowbound
  • Spare White
  • White Flour
  • Elder White
  • Pearly White
  • Ceiling Bright
  • Ice Cube
  • Toque White
  • White Duck
  • Oyster White
  • Greek Villa
  • Extra White

Benjamin Moore

  • Chantilly Lace
  • Simply White
  • White Dove
  • Cloud White
  • White Heron
  • Swiss Coffee
  • Paper White
  • Dove Wing
  • Decorators White
  • Oxford White
  • Intense White
  • Pure White
  • Decorator’s White

Decisions, Decisions for a Home Exterior Paint Project

SO, if we’ve learned anything from the lists above, it’s this: there is a difference between the white on a dove and the white on a dove’s wing.

In all seriousness, we think this white phenomenon is fascinating. We get some customers who are, indeed, quite particular about their shade of white. Which is great! And others who couldn’t care less about the type of white on their walls. No matter which camp one might fall in, we can all agree that a good white paint can set up other features in or around your home to shine. That’s the point! In our opinion, a good white paint should be three things:

  • Subtle. There are some really bright white options out there, but nobody wants to be blinded when they walk into any room. If you feel like your home white color is a little too fluorescent—reminiscent of a doctor’s office—consider a change-up with a lighter, softer hue in the future. 
  • Complimentary. As noted above, a wall’s white should play the supporting cast to everything else in or around your home: furniture, appliances, landscaping, backyard amenities and more. If your white is too loud or too dull, other elements just might no pop.
  • White. That’s right! Some shades of white are debatable. We think some whites are called “White” when they really carry a pink or gray hue. In short, if you want to paint a wall white, we think you should go for it! Overthinking which shade of white might lead you astray altogether.

So there you have it. Amid the chaos of white, we hope this post enlightened you before Labor Day—when all discussion of white is off limits.

Just kidding!

White will look great on or in your home anytime of year. Whether you’re ready to go this fall (Pumpkin Spice Foam White, anyone?) or are planning into the future—it’s never too early to schedule an estimate. Our team of experts (and color consultant) will love walking and talking you through a bevy of options.

Whenever you decide to pull the trigger, we’re confident your exterior paint job will wrap up white on time.

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