You’ve heard the phrase “seeing is believing.” As Mission Painting pursues professional painting and personalized service in Kansas City, we know that visible results mean so much when it comes to customer satisfaction. In the last five years, we have grown exponentially due to “word of mouth” marketing and online review excellence. You’d be surprised at how far quality reviews will take you—the wonderful customers that take time to write about their experience online are often the same individuals who tell their friends and family members about our exterior painting projects.

In time, we believe that “raindrops fill buckets.” in other words, each project adds up to dozens and eventually hundreds of home painting projects in the Kansas City metro area. From Parkville to Lee’s Summit—from Overland Park to Stilwell, we are GRATEFUL for an opportunity to serve this city.

Through it all, we have never taken the time to truly put on display what is happening: the beautification of these homes, and the confidence these projects instill in homeowners everywhere.

Until now.

Mission Painting has taken a big step toward before and after footage of our homes. Interior and exterior footage that highlights the impact that paint can have. Below, we highlight a little more of our philosophy behind this marketing move, and what you can look forward to in the months ahead as we revamp our social media accounts accordingly, and continue to walk alongside families like yours will all your interior painting and exterior painting projects.

Painting a Picture with Words

Before we dive into some new photo and video highlights, let’s circle back to our original marketing differentiator: high-quality reviews. At Mission Painting, we believe “reviews matter because people matter.”

These days, when you buy anything on Amazon or look up a business on Google, what’s the first thing your eyes gravitate toward? If you answered “Customer reviews” or “How many stars” then you are correct. Reviews have completely transformed how consumers buy anything online—there’s no denying it in 2021, as the pandemic ramped up e-commerce across the board. But when it comes to a service-based business, reviews matter almost more because you’re working with other humans.

We recognize that home painting is all-the-more sensitive because you’re inviting someone into your home. Your sacred space. A place of everyday joy and community. Mission Painting prides itself on customer reviews because we value their opinion so much. Are we 100% perfect all the time? Of course not. But, when and if we do make a mistake, we’re just as adamant in making that mistake right for the good of the customer and their space. In fact, some of our most cherished reviews are when a customer spotted a small error, we worked to make it right, and they were just as impressed with our response to the problem.

Fortunately, those kinds of reviews are few and far between—we do everything in our power to knock each project out of the park the first time, and can’t wait to do the same with your exterior painting project. If you book in 2021, there might be a fun perk for your home: a view from above.

Painting a Picture with Photo and Video

Drone footage of our Mission Painting’s customer homes is a new offering we provide so that you can share a different vantage point of your sacred space.

One of the great scenes in cinema is from the movie Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams’ character, John Keating, is a teacher who tries to get his classroom full of teenage boys to understand a powerful point: life is all about perspective.

We want all our customers to realize how incredible their space is, and how lucky they are to live in the home they have. The fact we get to enhance their home in some way is such a joy when it comes to our day-to-day operations. CLICK HERE for a brief example of the exterior painting drone footage we have taken in recent weeks. Once we create our before and after videos, we send to our customers and ask them to share with any friends, family, or social media following.

Similar to written reviews, visual displays of exterior painting transformation is one of our newest ways to highlight home painting success. If you’re curious about getting your own home in the spotlight, we have the perfect next step below.

Exterior Painting and YOUR Home

A couple years ago, we partnered with a wonderful online scheduling tool, Estimate Rocket, to make scheduling an estimate for your interior painting or exterior painting project a breeze.

Try it today—CLICK HERE to begin. The calendar is fairly explanatory, but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out and contact us today.

We cannot wait to share more videos with you of Kansas City homes. Our service-based business is in the business of home transformation. Our goal is to leave your home better than we found it, and our vision is to love our neighbors while serving our city.

In the end, part of our profits earned goes toward supporting vulnerable women and children through an organization we love: Forgotten Children Worldwide. It’s all a part of our vision from above: that God created every man and woman with purpose—that’s a mission we’ll pursue until we run out of homes to paint.

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