In our last post, we highlighted our trip to Phoenix, AZ for the Painting Contractors Association EXPO 2020. Needless to say, the trip did not disappoint. The same blog post hinted at four reasons we were excited to attend: asking industry questions about residential painting, networking events, trade show tips and golfin’ around Glendale. Well, we were nearly spot on. Below, you will find some of our biggest takeaways and how they met (and exceeded!) expectations.

In the end, after the conference and note-taking subsided, we looked at what God is doing through this Mission Painting team. And we could not be more grateful. If you’re reading these words, spread the word around Kansas City there’s a new painter in town. And that new painter isn’t going to succeed through our own efforts, but by the people, gifts and opportunities we’ve been given from above.

Practical Residential Painting

We had MULTIPLE takeaways from the conference. To share a few, we grew in our knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Residential painting training and responsibilities.
  • Residential painting hiring processes and checklists.
  • Setting confident and attainable residential painting expectations and goals.
  • Commercial painting acquisition and retention.
  • Personal communication in all aspects of the sales process.
  • The importance of an online digital presence and set of customer reviews.

In 2020 and beyond, you will see these takeaways (and more) play themselves out through our business. The goal is more than a satisfied customer – the goal is to enhance your community, for the better, through quality painting.

Solidifying the Foundation

In addition to practical takeaways, the four of us who went to the conference – Eric Regan, Ben Horner, Belinda Klassen and Will Severns – agreed on something we all noticed: we are grateful for our team, and grateful for our city.

Mission Painting serves the greater Kansas City metro with one guarantee: we will leave your property better than when we found it. This guarantee is rooted in stewardship of what we’ve been given, which translates to the way our team serves your family and community. We met dozens of business leaders and residential painting industry leaders at the Painting Contractors EXPO, but many of them had problems with their business where we thought, “That’s not a problem for us in Kansas City.” In addition, they asked us questions about our foundation as a business.

In those conversations, we explained how a beautiful paint job is how we love your neighbor. Do we care about making money? Yes. But only so we can give back. Do we care about expanding our business? Yes. But only if it means impacting more communities across the country. Do we care about serving as many as possible through painting and home improvement? Yes. But only if we stay true to Mission Painting: Serving our City. Loving Our Neighbors.

PS – Our schedule was jam-packed, but we did make time for some fun! Top Golf + Snacks made for a great golf getaway in the beautiful Arizona weather. (And shout out to Belinda who took down all three guys in a points competition!). We also did a day trip to Sedona, AZ – Pink Jeep Tours for the win.

sedona pink jeep tour with family

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