What a month it has been. Our globe has been rocked by a worldwide pandemic, and every business has been affected in some way or another. A few weeks away from the blog, Mission Painting knows it’s time: the world (and Kansas City) could use a little color about now. But before we get to the color, brought to you by Sherwin-Williams Paint Company, here is a quick update on how we responded to COVID-19, how our team is growing in the process and how we plan to serve you in the future.

Our First Move for Safety

On March 13th, President Donald Trump announced a National Emergency. March 24th, Mission Painting & Home Improvements suspended all field work for the ensuing 30 days. And then, March 30th, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced a stay-at-home order for the state. As we continue our policy, we now find ourselves at home amidst a typical busy season. Although we took action for the safety of our community, trust us that we are itching to get back to work as soon as it’s safe – for the good of our neighborhoods in Kansas City.

When in Doubt, Lean on the Mission

As Mission Painting looks around the city with its emptier streets and families in their homes, we can’t overstate how proud we are to serve your community. Our hope is that your interactions with Mission Painting have created for more beautiful homes and neighborhoods. In this unpredictable season, we promise to continually exemplify our newly cemented Mission Painting Core Values – Driven by Faith, Working with Integrity, Pursuing Excellence, Stewarding our Resources – on a daily basis.

In faith, we will get through this virus together and come out of it stronger together. With integrity, we will keep a high regard for our neighbors and friends. Through excellence, we will continue to serve as an example of God’s love when our world desperately needs hope. As our city continues this period of caution, Mission Painting will follow suit and do the same for the safety of our local communities.’

Color Sent to Your Home

In these trying economic times, we love seeing how businesses adapt and grow. Adversity truly exposes character. For Mission Painting, we have focused on internal communication as it relates to professional growth for our team. (Leading with our “Pursuing Excellence” Core Value). More on that in our next blog post.

For one of our partners, Sherwin-Williams Paint Company, pivoting their business means promoting a wonderful delivery service: Color Chips Shipped to Your Door. FREE!

That’s right. We know many of you have taken advantage of extended time at home to start a new DIY painting project or to start planning for your next contractor project. But when it comes to interior painting and exterior painting, we hope you’ll schedule an estimate. You don’t have to wait for our operations to be back up and running- we are continuing to give estimates via FaceTime, Zoom, and on site social distance proposals.

Give Life Some Color

In the meantime, please select a few sets of color chips from Sherwin Williams and have them sent to your door for free. Cycle through the colors and determine which look is best for your home, and we’ll do the rest. We can even do a mockup for you on our computer and send you a picture of the proposed new look. Also, kids love playing with these color options! Invite them into your color choice decision. They’ll love it!  And we know kids need all the entertainment they can get right now 🙂

Order up to 10 of their 2” x 3” Color Chips for FREE on their website today!

And if you desire our expert opinion on colors for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you. In this season, we need as much love and encouragement as we can get. Mission Painting is just a phone call away.

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