This month, we have partnered with Life 88.5 Radio Station for a special opportunity. In short, Life 88.5 is receiving nominations for nonprofits in Kansas City that might benefit from a Mission Painting interior or exterior painting package. This is part of our larger Paint-it-Forward initiative. We are asking that all submissions include a nonprofit that impact the lives of vulnerable women and/or children who are caught in human trafficking. Every Friday for the next five weeks, Life 88.5 will announce a finalist. On November 13th, they will announce a winner!

Nominate a Nonprofit Today

You can learn more about the contest rules on this Life 88.5 + Mission Painting landing page. Please consider sharing with a friend! We engaged this promotion as a way to give back to one nonprofit that spends so much time focused on others. It’s time someone gives them a boost. A fresh coat of paint, like we discussed in our last blog post, can give a business a necessary change of scenery. New color might lift the spirits of their whole team!

Even if your nonprofit isn’t selected as a winner or finalist, getting them exposure through Life 88.5 might be worth it in itself. With so many great people running their station, there’s no telling what might come from you pointing to others’ good work.

Why Vulnerable Women and Children?

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: To care after orphans and widows in their distress…” – James 1:27

At Mission Painting, we partner with Forgotten Children Worldwide, and you can learn more about our “why’ in a recent blog post. If you aren’t currently giving back, or feel called for more, we encourage you to join us in the worthy work of coming alongside vulnerable women and children.

Many individuals are in such dark, dire situations. Mission Painting longs to bring some color into their life. More importantly, we want to give them reason to hope again. Thanks to the efforts and promotion of Life 88.5, we’re happy to say we’re one step closer to that reality.

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