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Getting your house painted is absolutely an investment.

In fact, a fresh coat of interior or exterior paint can change the entire look and feel of your home. If you plan on selling your home, paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to appeal to buyers.

It comes as no surprise then that hiring the right painters Overland Park is going to be essential for your painting job. You don’t want any painter—you want painters that genuinely care about you and your home.

So how can you hire the best painters Overland Park? Here are our top tips for finding the right company.


Verify Proper Licensure and Insurance

 You want to be sure the company you’re working with is properly licensed and insured.

Simply ask the company in question for proof of insurance and their license number when you meet with them. You can verify the license number and proof of insurance to ensure you’re working with a legitimate company.

The company that’s going to do the best painting job for you is one that’s established in the area. Ideally you want to have a local address and phone number for the business as well. You can talk about all this and more when you’re hiring the right painter for your home.


Look for a Company with Employees

Painter Rolling Brush

A local company that hires employees rather than just subcontractors is going to be your best hire. This is because this shows a company that’s actually invested in their business rather than one that outsources its work. Ask the company in question about exactly who will be working in your home.

Painting contractors Overland Park that invest in their company, their community, and their employees is the one you want to work on your home. Plus, trained and experienced employees are always preferred over subcontractors that may not abide by the rules of the company you originally hired.


Ask about Their Preparation Process

Preparation is everything when it comes to painting. The best painting jobs happen when the proper prep work is completed. When hiring a painting company Overland Park, it’s essential that you ask about what they do before the actual painting happens. The right contractor will have a multi-step process in place that all their employees adhere to.

Extensive preparation work will remove old layers of paint on your exterior, properly fill any holes and fix any abrasions in your interior, and leave no mess behind when the job is done. When you’re getting your formal estimate, be sure to ask detailed questions about their work before the actual painting.


Knowledge and Experience Is Key

Painter Painting Wall

Hiring the right painter is more than checking out their establishment as a company, asking about their preparation process, and looking for a contractor with employees. Above all, you want to be sure that this company knows how to paint your home. Ask about what their experience with painting is.

Does the company do mostly exterior jobs or interior jobs? Do they work with a specific brand of paint to ensure you’ll get the best quality? What’s their experience working with older homes, stone, woodwork, and more? You don’t simply want a painting company—you want a company that’s going to do the job right.

When you’re searching for painting Overland Park, you can hire the best painter by looking for the right qualities. Your painting contractor should be experienced, licensed, and be able to properly prep your home in order to do the best painting job. Hire the right painter in Overland Park by looking for the best. Your home deserves it!

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