Over the last two months, businesses everywhere have tried to adjust to this global pandemic known as COVID-19. Many businesses have pivoted to ways they can help their community and customers through various professional initiatives. Below, you will find a couple ways Mission Painting has adapted for the good of our customers and internal team.

Virtual Estimates

One bright spot over the last couple months is how much everyone has grown in terms of their technological understanding and literacy. Because our customer base is now more comfortable using virtual meeting software like Zoom and FaceTime, we decided to make virtual estimates part of our quarantine process!

If you are quarantined, now is the PERFECT time to schedule your exterior painting and interior painting needs. The weather outside is getting better, and we are easing back to operations (while adhering to CDC guidelines) in an effort to make your home better.

Professional Development

In 2020, we will continue to serve the Greater Kansas City Metro through excellent painting jobs. But to truly deliver, it takes a team. Our Mission Painting team has spent the last couple of months diving into some learning material in an effort to better serve our customers.

As we maintain painting practices and industry trends year-round, we decided quarantine allowed time to refocus on the “mission” that fuels our company. To complete such a task, we have utilized two primary streaming services: RightNow Media @ Work and Masterclass. The latter has grown exponentially over the last few years – largely because of the high-profile teachers they have dishing out expertise to an online audience. Although Masterclass offers us training in business, RightNow Media @ Work ensures we never stray from our mission in business.

We strongly recommend signing up for RightNow Media @ Work – an affiliate of C12 Business Group. As a C12 business ourselves, we have a deep admiration for the content and speakers the service provides. Need a place to start? We recommend Ritz-Carlton Co-Founder, Horst Schulze. Horst is a man who built a company on conviction, integrity and excellence. If we can serve Kansas City in a similar manner, we know the lessons learned through these online resources are worth it.

How has your business pivoted in this pandemic? Email eric.regan@missionpaintingkc.com – we would love to hear more about your experience in this trying time. We’re all in this together!

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