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For a painting job that looks as professional and as flawless as possible, you need to get in on the secrets of the pros for your home painting.

Whether you’re hiring a residential painting company in Overland Park KS or if you’re tackling the job yourself, you want to know—what are the secrets of professional residential painters? By managing the following details, your new coat of paint will look its absolute best!


Your Best Painting Job Is All in the Prep Work

Preparing to paint your home is a multi-step process that often takes more time than the actual painting itself. Many people choose to hire professionals so they don’t have to worry about all the tiny details that go into the perfect painting job.

This includes filling in holes in the wall, sanding if necessary to ensure the smoothest finish, removing all light switch and outlet covers, and using canvas drop cloths instead of plastic. All of this may seem like a lot of work but it’ll give you the best possible paint job!

You should also never skip primer for your Overland Park residential painting. Quality primer will not only prepare your wall for paint but ensure your color is as rich as possible.


Getting Painting Done

The Weather Will Affect Your Paint

Whether you’re planning to paint your interior or exterior, the humidity has an effect on the way your paint dries. Too much humidity can cause paint to bubble or cause condensation to form.

Choose a time to paint or hire Overland Park KS residential painting contractors when the humidity is low and you’re not expecting to receive a lot of rain. For Overland Park, this time of minimal rainfall and humidity usually takes place in the fall.


Quality Paint and Materials Are Always Worth It

You will always regret going with cheaper materials. Trust us, they don’t make for good painting jobs. Fortunately, the right home painting company will use quality materials to make your new coat of paint look immaculate. You don’t want bits of paint brush or streaky coats and have to do the job all over again.

If you’re going for a do-it-yourself job, invest in quality paint and materials. The best residential painters Overland Park has will use only the best to provide you with the best. Ask the company about what materials they use and why. They should have a brand they stick with to ensure consistent, complete coverage.


Painting A Wall

Clean the Room

Before your home painter starts, you need to be sure that the room is free of dust and dirt. It’s always a good idea to vacuum and dust any room that needs to be painted. If you can’t move your furniture out of the way, cover it with canvas drop cloths. Your home painting contractor should do this for you. If sanding is required, clean afterward.

Ensuring the room is clean and clear—yes, including the walls—will provide you with the best painting job because you won’t get a textured feel from dust or leftover sanding particles that are in the way. You can sponge down walls after completing your dry walling phases to ensure that you won’t get lumpy paint!

Investing in fresh paint with residential painters in Overland Park is the perfect way to update your home. If you’re going to be tackling the job yourself, ensure you follow our painting secrets. From spending adequate time on the prep work to choosing a time of year with drier weather and investing in good materials, you might just create the best coat of paint your house has ever seen!

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