Interior Painters Overland Park

Your interior paint can brighten, calm, and warm your home.

At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, our Overland Park interior painting professionals see how well you care for your household. We take the utmost care to ensure a smooth, clean look on your interior walls.

We do this by conducting the proper prep work—which is, in fact, 90% of the job—and protecting your home by taking every possible caution to ensure our mess is contained before it’s cleaned up. This includes furniture, flooring, even heating and A/C vents. No interior painting company in Overland Park KS, Missions Hills, or even Metro Kansas City can boast the same attention to detail and care that we can.

Flawless color on your home’s interior walls isn’t about luck or bargains—it’s about skill. As professional painters, we are fully insured, expertly trained, and we make all of our interior painting contractors pass a rigorous background check to bring you the best in interior home painting services in Overland Park.

Here’s how we perfect your interior painting job.

Our Equipment and Policies

When it comes to your Overland Park interior painting job, we use Purdy roller covers, which effectively eliminate lint. These covers are more expensive, but after years of interior house painting experience, we’ve found that they do the absolute best job of any roller cover in the industry. We use a new one for every job to provide your house with a beautiful finished look with no hairs or lint on your walls.

Also, our high-grade acrylic paints have a tight molecular structure—this tightness seals out stains and leaves you with easily-maintained, cleaner walls.

Mission’s experienced residential interior painters even strain your paint to filter out any impurities. You’ll see no “paint boogers” with us! Our flood lights help us minimize the appearance of any existing imperfections, guaranteeing all you’ll see in your everyday lighting is an immaculate paint job.

We exclusively use Blue Tape to secure protective floor and furniture coverings. Blue Tape leaves extremely straight lines, no tape residue, and zero damage to your walls, floor, and furniture.

Protecting Your Home.

From the moment we enter your home, we’re conscious of our footprint there—literally.

We remove our shoes if there’s any risk of dirt or footprints being left on your floor. If we keep our shoes on, we cover our them with surgical shoe coverings to guarantee cleanliness.

Our professionals put a protective covering on all floors with clean tarps and secure with tape to ensure safety and a proper shield. We seal off our rooms with a wall of plastic which ensures our mess is confined, making cleanup easier.

If moving furniture is necessary, we do so with the utmost care, lifting instead of sliding. For furniture that’s staying put, we cover it with a new piece of appropriately-sized plastic. We never use plastic that’s already been soiled with paint or dust on your furniture.

Every ladder our employees use has protective rubber feet, which means your floor won’t get damaged. We even wipe down dusty surfaces from sanding with a clean cloth after we’re done.

Preparing Your Walls.

Mission’s expert Overland Park KS interior painters prep by first inspecting your walls for holes, gaps, and imperfections.

We caulk nail holes and fill gaps using commercial grade polyurethane or acrylic caulk rather than latex caulk. This caulk forms a chemical bond with your surface, providing you with a durable, effective finish that lasts. Unsightly gaps between doorjambs and crown moldings are addressed before we even think about painting.

By letting caulk dry for the proper amount of time, we create a smooth finish with no bumps. We then sand down all surfaces, which allows lint and other imperfections to be removed before we begin our painting work.

Blue Tape is used to ensure perfectly straight lines that just can’t be achieved with a freehanded paint job. We instantly clean up any dust to ensure your room is ready to paint.

Lastly, We Paint.

After we expertly prime and paint, we do a final inspection with you to ensure you’re happy with our work. We never accept any money up front, so you hold all the cards. You only pay when you’re happy with the work we’ve done.

We work with a larger crew to be quick yet precise. Our clear and comprehensive contracts mean you’re never left wondering what to expect from us.

Mission only hires employees, never subcontractors. Each of our employees are insured with workmen’s comp coverage, which means you’re protected in the event that someone is hurt on your property. Our liability insurance means that if anything is broken, the cost to replace it comes out of our pocket, not yours.

Our quality workmanship ensures that we show up on-time, every-time. Our 3-year warranty means all you have to do is contact us if something goes wrong with your paint. We show up within 48 hours to address your concerns.

Don’t take our word for it—just ask us for references or check out our reviews online. We’re proud of the work we’re able to deliver to our clients when it comes to interior painting jobs!

When you’d like to see how stunning your interior space can look with a fresh coat of paint, set up a free estimate with us here. We’d love to help you plan your project as well as talk about interior painting cost.

Also, keep in mind we are expert exterior painters as well. Ask more about our exterior painting services on your free estimate appointment!

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