When it comes to promoting one’s business, many people wonder, “Is word-of-mouth marketing still relevant?” The answer to that question is “Yes and no.” Word-of-mouth marketing happens everyday—all across the country and globe. If someone falls in love with a product or service, of course they are going to tell their friends and/or family about it! However, what’s the first thing that happens after someone tells another about said service or product? We’ve all seen it before: the person receiving information takes out their phone, looks it up online or on social media, and so the marketing seed is planted. In our industry, people ask one another “Who is the best painter near me?” The answer to that question is closer than you think.

We have a saying at Mission Painting: “Reviews matter because people matter.” If it were the other way around, we’d have a problem in our hands. We don’t serve people just to get good reviews. We get good reviews because serving and loving Kansas City neighbors is one of our primary objectives at Mission Painting.

When we pursue professional painting and personalized service, we continue our goal of aiding vulnerable women and children through a nonprofit organization we’ve partnered with: Forgotten Children Worldwide.

So what’s the result?

Through it all, we’ve found that “the best painter near me” is only as good as the reviews closest to you.

Painting Customer Reviews in a Beautiful Light

One thing we are blown away about Mission Painting reviews is how detailed they are. We are so grateful that our customers call out project managers and skilled workers by name. After all, our team is made of humans who do exceptional work—we believe they should be recognized for their service and expertise! Consider a few of the following Google Reviews we have received in the past few months. These individuals thought they were looking for “the best painter near me” and ended up with a company who cares about the most sacred space: one’s home.

  • “Great company to deal with from the bid process, color consultation and completion of painting project. Impressed with Ben Horner and Bill Rold for their professionalism, recommendations and keeping me informed as the process took shape. We decided to paint the brick of our home and they helped with color choices and recommendations. The finished project looked spectacular and exceeded our expectations.” —Tom from Leawood, Kansas
  • “Getting exactly what you want is priceless. Eric, Bill, Susan, Jessica, Carlos, Alex, and the rest of the team handled everything from helping me pick a color to hanging light fixtures. Bill stayed involved until the finished product was as close to spotless as humanly possible. Truly excellent work that should stand the test of time, and my house looks exactly as I had envisioned it. I’m very happy I went with Mission Painting.” —Andrew from Overland Park, Kansas
  • “We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful exterior paint job by Mission Painting. The painters were courteous and thorough, the job was completed in half the time we expected, and they were shockingly clean. The way they prepared the house was impressive. Nothing was painted that shouldn’t be painted. They walked through with us near the end of the project with a fine-tooth comb to make sure there wasn’t one thing we wished we touched up. It was pristine. Beyond pleased with the results. This team clearly strives for high customer service and is eager to please. No deposit was required…in fact, they didn’t ask for a cent until we were 100% satisfied with our results. The painters’ work is exceptional. We won’t be looking anywhere else for our next paint job of any kind!” —Celeste from Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Relationships is Where it Starts

Every time we get an opportunity to read words like those above, we are truly humbled.

The whole process just goes to show—customers just want contractors who pursue respect, dignity, and consistent communication. In our last blog post, we discussed how our project managers provide daily updates on the project at hand. But even before the project begins, we believe in forming a new relationship with customers in and around the Kansas City Metro.

Our sales and estimating team takes your inquiry seriously—from the moment you schedule an estimate to the time we deliver a cost projection, our team is here to answer ANY questions you might have. Unfortunately, we deal with many customers who have been burned by painters or other contractors in the past. One of the reasons we exist is to upend those assumptions, and help build a better city in the process.

The Best Painter Near Me is Where it Ends

So what if someone asks YOU that question? What if someone skips the “all-knowing” Google algorithm and looks for your vote of confidence instead? When and if someone asks you who the “best painter near me” is, we hope you can answer the question confidently.

We know there are many great painters in Kansas City. We’re obviously not the only ones! However, we know that with something as important as your home, you only want to invest into these kinds of projects every few years.

Consider doing it right the first time. Consider that you get what you pay for. Consider consistent communication in the process, and what it would look like for your dollar to go toward a greater cause.

Then again, that’s just our advice. Thanks to the internet and customers who spent valuable time outlining their experience, you don’t have to take our word for it.

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