Winter has arrived and while snow is beautiful, it is often marked by a gray, dreary sky, short and overcast days, and colder temperatures. Many people experience a change in mood due to the weather, and winter can be the hardest to endure. At Mission Painting and Home Improvements we say it doesn’t have to be that way and adding a splash of color could be just what you need until the life-giving sun of Spring shows back up!


Experts are predicting that one of the color trends next year will be bright and overstated colors all around your home. While that may be coming, we want to offer you 5 options that can brighten your day without committing you to a complete color makeover.


  1. Paint Your Cabinets. A kitchen totally adorned in hot pink or bright blue is probably too much but adding a splash of vibrant color to your cabinets may be just what you need to inject some joy into the winter season. This is also a unique way to add a bit of personality to one of the most used rooms in your home.

  1. Try an accent wall. Accent walls are a quick and easy way to add a splash of color to a room and create a focal point that will grab your eye. In the bedroom adding this to the wall behind your headboard is a great way to add some excitement and really bring your room together and make it feel like your own.
  2. Don’t forget to look up. If you want to add some pop that most people won’t expect then paint your ceiling. It is less intimidating then painting your entire house and it also helps set the stage for great conversation. We are not talking about a ceiling like the Sistine Chapel but by adding a bright color to your ceiling you add depth and dimension that most people overlook.

  1. Ready for a full room, try the bathroom. The bathroom is the perfect place to try bold color combinations and maybe even venture into patterned wallpaper. This will create a talking point for guests, especially if you start with the guest bath, and can be used as inspiration for the rest of your home if you find you like the colors in the restroom. Restrooms also create regular opportunities for a splash of color to brighten your day.
  2. It is not just paint. While painting is a great way to make a bold statement maybe you just aren’t ready for that. Try to add color by adding in some vibrant throw pillows, colorful art work, or a bold area rug. All of these are great ways to add color and add some pop to your day.


At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we want to remind you that we are here for all your interior painting needs and are happy to assist you in adding the splash or wave of color you might need to add some cheer to your winter season.

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