There are many important factors when selecting the right color for your room but one that many people overlook is lighting. Are you going to have a lot of natural light or primarily artificial lighting? Which direction does your room face?

When dealing with natural light the time of day, time of year, and quality of the natural light can make a definite difference. While variance in color can be beautiful we, at Mission Painting and Home Improvement, realize that it can add an extra layer of complexity to an already daunting project.

At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we want to help you be as successful as possible with selecting the right paint color. Here are few helpful hints when dealing with lighting:

North Facing Rooms

North Facing rooms can be a challenge because of the lack of natural light, especially in smaller environments. It’s better to not fight against this with colors that pop but colors that have a flair for the dramatic. Consider colors that are darker to create a more intimate environment like deep earthy reds and soft blacks.

In larger Northern facing rooms with more light, cooler tones tend to shine through so avoid gray and green based colors. Yellow is the color for you in this type of room as light will bounce off the yellows and really light up the room.

South Facing Rooms

South facing rooms are a designer’s dream. With the daylong warm light, all colors tend to look good. But maximizing the feeling of light and space can be done by using more pale tones. Soft blues, red based neutrals, and bright white will help create the feeling of freshness that you are looking for.

East and West Facing Rooms

East and West Facing Rooms face the same challenge. How to make the most of out a room with only half a day of natural light. How do you make a room pop in the morning light? Greens and blues are your answer, even if you are looking at a white room, you should look for a green or blue base. How do you make a room help calm down the day while being accentuated by western natural light? Gray neutral tones are the answer. They absorb the color and as the sun goes down they become warmer and more soothing.

Artificial Lighting 

The type of bulb you select has a dramatic effect on the colors on your walls. LED lights emit a bluer light while halogen lights emit a yellow based light. You should select colors that help accentuate the light that is coming from your bulbs and doesn’t fight against it. Selecting a bulb that emits a white light will help you see the nearest to natural appearance of the color on the wall. It should be treated like natural sunlight.

Regardless of the scope of your painting project, the lighting involved, or the direction of your room the experts at Mission Painting and Home Improvements are here to help you select the right paint for your interior painting project. Schedule an estimate today!

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