Autumn is here, finally! We love summer for a variety of reasons: summer vacations, time at the pool, summer BBQs, etc.  Along with these enjoyable activities comes blistering heat, especially here in Kansas City. Autumn is an amazing season: the return of football, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, scarves and sweaters. Along with a change in fashion and the best season for sports (Go Chiefs!) comes a change in temperatures as well.

We all know in the painting business that there are three busy seasons. The early spring, summer, and early fall. As the year winds down, customers start to remember that they want to have their houses painted before the end of year. A question that arises when considering an end of the year paint project is how late in the year is too late? The answer to this important question can be vary from season to season. The question has more to do with temperature than time and dates.


Technology has increased the window of availability for the exterior painting season. Most “high-quality” acrylic paints can be applied down to 35 degrees (air and surface temperature). The key to painting exteriors is for the temperature to stay above 35 degrees for the duration of the painting project which includes the overnight dry time. Keep in mind that the time it takes paint to fully dry will be extended during cooler weather.  Also, daylight hours are shorter later in the season, so projects may take longer to complete than during the summer months.


The moral of this story is: the exterior painting season depends on temperature, not dates. At Mission Painting and Home Improvements, we only use the highest quality acrylic paints for our exterior projects. This allows us to extend the exterior painting season if the weather allows. However, we will also be very conservative with our decision on when to decline to paint outdoors. Some companies may paint when they shouldn’t because they are desperate for revenue. We on the other hand, would rather continue to provide the utmost quality work, and offer to paint in the spring when the weather warms up again. This ensures a long-lasting paint job, not one that peels after a couple years due to poor application and judgement.


Please give us a call for an estimate. It isn’t too late to beautify and protect your home before the cold weather comes to stay!

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