Does your home’s exterior need some updating?

Providing the fresh facelift your home needs when it comes to exterior painting can transform your home. So whether you’re planning to enjoy your home for another fifty years or to sell it in the next few, exterior house painting can make a huge difference.

Painting your home’s exterior is hugely dependent on the right kind of weather. So when exactly is the best time to do exterior painting in Overland Park Kansas for your home? We’ve got your answers here!


Choose Moderate Temperatures

Moderate temperatures are the best for your home. These include temps anywhere from 40-50 degrees to 80-90 degrees, depending on which type of paint you’re using. The fall is often the best time of year for exterior painting contractors, as the temperatures are relatively stable and provide enough dryness yet warmth to finish the job appropriately.

The temperatures should stay in this range for an average of 48 hours after the paint is applied. This will give your paint time to properly set and resist any moisture or intense dryness. The winter in Kansas can provide temps that are too low, making it an unpopular choice for your exterior painter. The best time of year to paint your home’s exterior is anywhere from early summer to late fall in Kansas!


Consider the Humidity

The humidity is another important factor when deciding on when to paint your home’s exterior. It’s crucial that the humidity not be too high or too low, as this will affect the way your paint dries. Choose a drier time of year that sees minimum rainfall. The last thing you want is a fresh coat of moisture on your newly applied coat of paint!

Based on rainfall, fall in Kansas might just be your best time to update your home’s exterior. You can ask your exterior painting company what time they think is best based on your specific area and what the weather has been like that season.


Invest in the Proper Prep Work

If your exterior painting contractor advises you that the temperature outside is going to affect the preparation work for your job, you’re better off waiting for another time. The best Overland Park exterior painters will make every effort to ensure that your home is properly prepared before doing the actual painting.  If the temperatures outside will affect this process, it’s not the right temperature to paint.

The right preparation work process involves more than just protecting your lawn. Your exterior painting company should fix rotten wood, replace old caulk, and remove old layers of paint. If it’s too humid to properly remove old paint or too cold for caulk to bond, it’s probably not the right temperature to do your painting job either. The prep work is the most important step of your exterior painting job, so make sure it’s done right!

When you’re looking for exterior painters, look for a company that knows how the temperature will affect your new paint. With something as important and visible to the world as your home’s exterior, conducting the best painting job is important. The best time to do exterior painting is when there’s a low chance of precipitation, just the right humidity, and temperatures that are above freezing yet below scorching.

Do you have experience in painting your home during one of Kansas’ four seasons? Let us know when you painted and how it turned out!

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